Cast Some Light Upon: 8 Lighting Ideas to Liven Up Your Living Room

Cast Some Light Upon: 8 Lighting Ideas to Liven Up Your Living Room

The living room is one place in our home where we spend most of our time. It’s in this area where we watch our favorite movies, chat about trivial things and make conversations with our family and friends. It is also the area where we receive our guests and visitors. Thus, it’s only important that a living room is well-lighted because it is often the first room one will come across when visiting a home.

A well-lit living room means you should be able to create various moods for different living room activities and provide a sense of comfort and belonging. Nowadays, there are many lighting options to choose from when it comes to lighting up living rooms. If you want it to be simple, classic, or extravagant, there are plenty of varieties you can swat to improve your living room’s lighting setup.

Here are some lighting ideas for your living room you need to consider.

Furnish It with Table Lamps

You probably think that table lamp only looks great on bedrooms, but you are wrong. It is also an excellent fixtures for living rooms.

A table lamp is perfect if you want to create a subtle lighting for your living room as it has a reduced glare. It will give your room a warm and comfortable vibe. Furthermore, it’s also a practical embellishment you can put on top of a cabinet or a corner table.

Install Wall Sconces

Apart from the aesthetic that wall sconces provide, they’re also an excellent space saver in the living room because they are compact in nature. Wall mounted sconces are perfect options for small living rooms with a low ceiling.

Wall sconces also provide sufficient lighting to the room and are also excellent decorations for walls. You can install a pair above a fireplace, or any other space that you think will add beauty to your living room.

Plug-In a Floor Lamp

As what its name suggests, a floor lamp is a type of lighting that you can place on the floor. It illuminates areas where you need some direct light. Many floor lamp designs are also excellent decorations for your living room. For the perfect set-up, place them near the corners of your sofa.

Hang a Centerpiece Chandelier

Adding a centerpiece chandelier doesn’t only give your living room some elegance and drama, it also provides practicality. A well-positioned chandelier can give your living room an ample of light, thereby you won’t need any extra lighting in it, and you will be able to save money on your next electricity bill.

Chandeliers are a staple in most classic interiors, but you can get one for your modern living room if you browse sites such as LampTwist.

Don’t like Chandelier? Hang Pendant Lights

Perhaps, you will ask what the difference between a pendant light and a chandelier is? Well, for starters they differ in the suspension system that they used. A pendant light hangs from a chain or a cord with a single or pair of lights on the end, while chandelier hangs from a branched system to handle several light bulbs.

Now, you can see pendant lights in most modern rooms. Like chandeliers, hanging a pendant light will give your living room the same dramatic effect but in a more modern way.

There are many options for a pendant light in the markets today. They come in various materials and styles that will surely complement your contemporary living room.

Add Dimmers To Set the Mood

The living room is also our entertainment area. As such, you will enjoy watching a movie with your family when you dim the lights a little. So, add some lights that are dimmable to attain this purpose. Give your living room an aura similar to those movie houses and give your friends and family some fun entertainment.

Consider Task Lighting

Aside from watching movies, you can also enjoy other activities in the living room such as chitchatting with your family and playing board games with your friends. Hence, it will be a good idea if you install some excellent task lighting.

Most task lighting fixtures are bright lights like bulbs and fluorescents that can brighten your living area while doing some fun activities.

Spotlights For Your Important Living Room Pieces

Spotlights are ideal lighting fixtures to highlight important pieces in your living room such as a painting or an antique display cabinet. If you have these items in your living room, the spotlight will drive the eyes of your guests to these valuable pieces. You can also place them on the ceiling for an extra lighting when task lights are off.


It is essential that we take consideration of lighting well our living rooms because it is a place where we spend most of our time with our family and friends. For you to make your living room appear elegant, you can hang a chandelier or install some dimmer lights for your entertainment and bonding time assume a particular mood and comfortability.



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