3 Tips to Making your own Sweet Treats

3 Tips to Making your own Sweet Treats

Whether you are an expert in the kitchen or just a novice, there are times when you just want to make a sweet dessert for yourself at home. However, with all the information available on the benefits and hazards of excessive sugar intake, it becomes important to make a lot of smart choices concerning the kind of sweet treats you can make.

3 Tips to Making your own Sweet Treats

When thinking about making your own desserts, you should have adequate knowledge of the main components you will be using. These include items such as chocolate and sugar, as well as other alternative or supplementary ingredients. A proper ingredient blend will help you make a wide range of treats including cookies, brownies, and cakes, among others. How can you adequately address this?

By selecting the best combination, you will ensure that you make delicious treats that suit your current cravings and lifestyle. You will need to exercise a significant amount of self-control to ensure that you do not overindulge. This is essential because you get the chance to enjoy different treats, without compromising on your health. The key here is to understand that the treats you make are not supposed to be a complete meal, but should act as a dessert. This will go a long way towards helping you make your own sweet treats. You can also consider these 3 tips below:

  1. Choice of Ingredient

The kind of ingredients you select will determine if your treats are fruit-based, flour-based, sugar-based, or chocolate-based. Once you settle on an appropriate base, then you will be in a good position to start making your treats. This is because different ingredients will give you a varied selection of treats. It also helps you know which recipes to work with, the shelf life of your treats, as well as how many people you can serve. It will also give you an insight into the type of equipment required.

The good thing is that most of these ingredients are readily available. For example, you can order chocolate for personal use from an entity such as Santa Barbara Chocolate. This means that the options you have are limited only by your ingredient preferences.

  1. Size and Portion Control

If your treats are based on anything other than fruit, it is highly likely that they will contain a considerable amount of calories. This is very detrimental, especially if you are struggling to maintain a healthy diet. One way to handle this is to ensure that you make bite-sized treats. This will help you control the quantity you eat, and still enjoy the sweetness.

There is no need to gobble down everything you see. The biggest advantage of size control is that eating smaller treat portions will allow you to truly savor the taste.

  1. Think Fruit

This makes the most sense, especially during summer. That’s because fruity treats tend to handle the summer heat really well while still refreshing  you and acting as a healthy snack alternative. Fruit treats such as pies can be mixed with other ingredients to bolster the taste. The best part is that, with all the different types of fruit available, you are able to make a wide selection of treats that appeal to your senses. You can also customize them to the liking of any guests you may have.


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