Ride-sharing app plays an important role in the present world. It is a best service that arranges rides for the people in a shorter period of time. There is a huge account for the ride sharing app. Some of them are Lyft, Uber, Get around, Side car, carpool, zim ride and so on. In which, Uber is efficient and cheaper, more advantageous than a traditional call taxi. Uber is categorized as a point to point service. This global ride share innovator had a soft launch in Chennai recently.


Customers can book a car through an app and then track the car through GPS. The consumers give their driver a rating; drivers who are in below average are kicked out of the Uber Company.A recent survey shows that Uber’s market service had grown 700 percent year on year from the year 2014.According to the views of taxi drivers, Uber drivers; cab driving is a dangerous work. The drivers are paid low, even though they are working for long hours of work.


In foreign countries a new Uber app user must have an Uber account, a valid credit card and billing address. The people without bank accounts and smart phones cannot use the Uber services. This taxi service is better in performance than that of the traditional taxi services. The passengers get faster service due to this ride sharing app. A recent survey   shows   that if the Uber service is not available, then around eight percent of the people have not have taken the journey.


Once an Uber taxi is booked; picture of the driver, the details of the car model and the registration number are displayed. Uber passengers believe that a private car would be better maintained than that of the traditional taxi. Receipt system and the rating system contribute to the perception of Uber’s security. Usually, the drivers are rated by the passengers at the end of the journey. For rating the drivers, most passengers use the star rating system. This service protects against the overcharging scheme or physical arm. Passengers believe that Uber drivers are more trustworthy and they also appreciate their enhanced level of services.


The essential requirements to become an Uber driver; the person should be 21 years of age or older, minimum of three years experience, the car insurance should be in the person’s name, an in-state driver’s license, social security number for a background check and clean driving record. The relationship between the drivers and the Uber Company is almost managed through the ride-sharing app.

The working hours of the Uber driver are more or less similar to that of the traditional taxi driver. Traditional taxi drivers have to earn customers, move to the customer’s place and get the payment. But the Uber app is a different one; having more innovations such as ratings, navigation and payment. Name of the customer, the distance, their contact number and their address are sent to the drivers. Uber drivers are fined if they don’t accept more rides.

Once a ride is booked, the driver needs to drive to find the passenger. The data provided by the Uber app makes both the driver and the passenger to catch each other. The drivers do not have that much of navigation knowledge. Most of the Uber drivers have not undergone training in navigation and depends on GPS systems. Instead of using Google maps, the Uber itself provides the inbuilt map.

The ratings force the drivers to attend their passengers in a well-behaved manner. But when their ratings fall, they are stressed and mentally disturbed. Some Uber drivers depend on the subjective customer ratings. This rating system has made the drivers to have a control over their senses. Since their customers are registered, the drivers know who is getting into their car. Because of the pre-registration system the drivers are no longer required to carry cash in the car. Uber drivers have their own freedom to choose the working hours of time.


In many foreign countries like Indonesia, USA, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Australia etc the traditional taxi drivers are against the ride-sharing app taxis like Uber and Lyft. But some of the IT people, political parties and business directors support the Uber services. This ride-sharing has insisted that it will dismantle the unemployment, by creating more than thousands of jobs in New York, if the government supports the Uber service. But several unions disagree about this employment offer argues that these jobs are generally bond based jobs and there is no any benefit for the drivers. The ride-sharing apps would intimidate the traditional taxi jobs.

Uber service is gigantic and the Uber is creating new opportunities for people to earn a better style of living. Uber drivers are confident that the local bodies will support for the Uber Company. Most of the people support the organized ride sharing apps in their cities and towns. In the south-east part of the Melbourne, about hundreds of traditional taxi drivers halted the roads calling for the justice. A driver from Melbourne said that the situation could turn atrocious if the issues are not settled. Traditional taxi drivers have exclaimed that ride-sharing app is illegal and hence the Uber cars should be seized.



The public opinion is that the Uber services are best one and it is superior to the traditional taxi services. Task of the government is to ensure customer’s protection and safety, whether it is a traditional taxi or ride-sharing. A recent survey of famous magazine points out that about 50 percent of the people prefer ride sharing taxis like Uber.

Majority of the people avoids traditional taxis is that because of higher fare rates and it is not that much reliable comparing to that of the ride-sharing apps.Uber riders are able to share their journey in real time with friends and family ,which is vital in case if there is an emergency. A recent survey says that the Uber could actually benefit the government in future. It could reduce the environmental problems if the Uber pool scheme is introduced.


An Uber pool is a carpooling service, where at least two passengers in the same area are picked and dropped at their destinations. This service would reduce the traffic bottleneck. Uber pool scheme aims at the reduction of the ride’s cost and to introduce minimal delay in time taken for the passengers sharing the cab to reach their respective destinations. Because of the reasonable cost factor, Uber tempted more people to move from the traditional taxis to the ride-sharing service.

The Uber is safer because both passengers and drivers have profiles that can be checked before the pickup. At present the Uber drivers have no control over the prices. Uber attracts both the customers and drivers. In the present world, there is a great increase in the part-time jobs. It offers jobs for the people who seek part-time jobs also. Hence, we come to know how an app can influence the social and economic conditions of the users, drivers and passengers.



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