Things to do on Phi Phi Island

Things to do on Phi Phi Island

Though the island itself could also be quite tiny, there are literally immeasurable things to try to on phi phi Island to create the foremost of some time there.Things to do on Phi Phi Island

From activities throughout the day involving the sun and sand, to nighttime adventures involving hearth shows and diversion on the beach phi phi Island has one thing for everybody. when staying here for 3 days, and instantly regretting not disbursal longer on the island, I’ve compiled an inventory of the highest ten things to try to in phi phi island.

Things to do on Phi Phi Island

 Lazing By The Beach
 Since you’re on associate degree island enclosed by water and a pretty beach, you ought to clearly benefit of that by paying a minimum of 0.5 daily absorbing the sun on the beach. There area unit tons of cozy beach chairs scattered on the beach; tho’ all of them belong to the restaurant/bar behind them, not all of those places can cause you to purchase a drink to use their chairs (at least that was what I saw after we were there). Whether or not you’re nursing a hangover or area unit simply desperate to relax and obtain a tan, payment a while on the beach is certain to create your day a touch brighter!

Drinks, Drinks, and a lot of Drinks
 On phi phi Island, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it’s, nobody can decide you or consider if you’ve got a engross your hand. Therefore whether or not you’re on the beach sipping an elaborate frozen rum cocktail at 11:00 am or you’re diversion up a “sandstorm and sloshing your brew everywhere yourself at 3:00 am, there’s never a nasty time to possess a drink!.

Watch A Muay Thai Fight
 Though I’ve been to Asian country before, I ne’er managed to envision a Muay Thai fight. Thankfully, I used to be in luck on letter of the Phi Phi! On one among the most very little roads, tucked away within the corner, we have a tendency to noticed a “Reggae” bar with boxing gear all outside and after we peered our heads in to urge a stronger look, there was associate actual ring within the middle.
 They hold fights nightly once 8:00 pm close to. The place gets pretty busy, therefore it’s good to urge their right time. At first, there square measure 2 young boys (and I mean, young-young. Like, most likely not legal in most alternative places within the world) WHO fight. No matter the actual fact that it’s clearly staged, it had been gently uncomfortable observation what seems like two twelve year-olds “fighting”. Once their fight is over, it’s the audience’s turn! They raise two folks from the audience to step into the ring and fight every other: the winner gets a free bucket of alcohol. Not the foremost attractive provide, however folks did arise there. initial we have a tendency to watched two guys fight and so two ladies. I’m certain because the night goes on and people’s blood alcohol content rise, there square measure additional volunteers and additional dramatic matches.

Get Lost Wandering The Walkways
 ‘Cause this one is guaranteed to happen. Within the middle of phi phi  Island, there appears to be many decussate walkways with very little retailers, restaurants, and bars lining each side, creating it a noteworthy nevertheless confusing expertise to do to navigate your means from one place to successive. I counsel you put aside associate degree hour close to and simply drift wandering all of the ways and take a look at to not keep entirely on the most ones – there area unit several hidden alleyways that house sudden retailers and tiny cafes.Things to do on Phi Phi Island

Get Wet & Wild At A Pool Party
 Pool parties are sensible fun period. Not like Koh Phangan wherever the pool parties are throughout the night, phi phi island has their pool parties throughout the day from 2:00 – 6:00 pm. Their pool party had superb music from a DJ, delicious drinks and drinking games, tonnes of individuals, and better of all, it had been was} absolutely free.

Pool Party

Go On An Island Hopping Tour
 With lots of choices for island hopping tours on phi phi, you’re bound to realize one that suits your wants and your budget. The bulk of the tours begin within the afternoon and go till the sun sets. You’ll stop at places like Monkey Beach, Maya Bay (made noted by sculptor DiCaprio within the picture The Beach), head into surreal lagoons, face your concern of heights by drop jumping, swim with the fishes whereas skin diving, and far additional.

Eat Lots Of Local Food

 This is just about a typical theme of someone is on holidays. Although phi phi islands is much from the most affordable and most authentic place to travel  in terms of food, there are quite few spots round the island wherever you’ll be able to get some tasty low-cost fare.

Start Your Night With A Fire Show
 Before the late night partying begins, you’ll loosen up on the beach in an exceeding lounge cushion, soak up hand, whereas you watch a fire show. This fireplace shows a vastly widespread throughout Asian country, therefore if you’ve done a small amount of traveling already, it’s extremely possible you’ve already seen a hearth show (or five). Regardless, it’s honest thanks to beginning your night on the beach before the beats take over. Simply don’t sit too shut – you don’t wish to accidentally become a part of the show once the individual slips up.

Dance & Party ‘Till The Sun Comes Up
This is specifically what most of the people return here for, thus you may likewise be part of in! in person,  Koh phi phi is found to be a less crazy version of Koh Phangan, that is actually likeable. This island has the right mixture of serene beauty and western partying.

Things to do on Phi Phi Island

Dance on the beach is wherever most of the people find yourself, however there also are varied bars, clubs (if you’d venture to decision them that), live music venues, and top side hangouts to fancy. In general, you can’t go too wrong on your nights out on phi phi Island.


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