The 10 Best Web Hosting Countries in the World

The 10 Best Web Hosting Countries in the World

The Internet has changed the way we do things- it has made a lot of things easier for everyone. Need to buy anything? Why spend on gas or fare? Just connect to the Internet and shop online. Need to get something done? You can easily find someone to do it for you- just connect and you’re all set! Life has been a lot more convenient for a lot of us that we sometimes don’t realize the people behind this state-of-the-art, life changing technology. It has provided countless jobs from the backend to online businesses and services and has been the medium for communication for everyone across the globe, including information sharing, spreading awareness, research, and a lot more.

In the new world, even small businesses will want to have a website. When almost every single person in the world can be reached through the Internet, who wouldn’t want to grab this opportunity? Websites, depending on how they are designed, are all geared towards a common goal: to attract viewers thereby being able to share information, or draw potential customers or clients.

Building a website may take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the client’s needs and wants. It involves a couple of steps that determine the functionality of the end product. The first step is finding the best web hosting company out there like HostiServer. Web hosting essentially means having your files stored in someone’s servers. These files will be made accessible to anyone who accesses your website, and will include various features you can easily choose from.

The World Wide Web

Since we’re talking about reaching the world through the web, it is only natural to assume that every country that wishes to connect to the world wide web will have servers within their territory that will provide them access to the world wide web.

Not all of us is privy to this one piece of information, though: web hosting location plays a big role in a website’s performance. This can greatly affect the user experience which in turn can make or break a website altogether.

The 10 Best Web Hosting Countries

  1. The United States of America. Over 400,000 websites in the world have web hosting servers in the USA. According to a data analysis, that’s almost half of the entire population of websites in the world.
  2. Germany follows USA with a little over 70,000 sites hosted. This equates to about 7-8% of the entire website population. (Link for the best VPS Hosting in USA)
  3. The first country from Asia in the list, China takes the lead amongst fellow Asian country, and third in the world with almost 36,000 websites hosted.
  4. United Kingdom follows China with 35,000 websites hosted.
  5. Taking the fifth spot is Russia, hosting 35,200 websites.
  6. Following Russia, France holds the sixth spot with 34,000 websites hosted.
  7. Japan is the second Asian country to make it to the top ten, hosting almost 30,000 websites.
  8. Netherlands is next, with 25,600 websites hosted.
  9. Also from North America, Canada makes it to the top ten, although far behind the United States of America, with over 18,000 websites hosted. It secures the second to the last spot, whereas the USA landed on top 1.
  10. The last in the list, also from Europe is Poland, hosting a little over 12,000 websites.


Wherever you are located in the world, access to the Internet may have become a very important part of your lifestyle. Be it in business, education, or entertainment, the Internet now plays a big role in achieving goals in almost anything done today.

Having even the slightest bit of knowledge about servers will have a big contribution to a decision that you will have to make, today or in the near future, in building your website. You will almost always be given the chance to choose which server location you prefer when you start building your website, and now that you already know the top 10 web hosting countries in the world, you will be making a wiser decision- one that won’t entail regrets or remorse in the end.


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