Five Amazing Trends of Digital Transformation in 2018

Five Amazing Trends of Digital Transformation in 2018

In the year 2018, the digital transformation has moved a step further in the race of technology. Every year world’s biggest companies launch some new apps, new videos and new features just to maintain the status and reputation of their company. In every business there is a constant and that is changing things. Studies have found that the goal of these companies is the satisfaction of the customers. Digital transformation is a must for driving profits for such companies worldwide. Here is a list of world’s top five digital transformation trends.

Digital Transformation

  • Increased emphasis on speed:

In every business, there is a rule that for being successful and a step ahead you have to be faster and the best as well. In 2018 the digital speed has also enhanced, and the low-code mobile development is more responsive and 10x faster. These platforms are capable of managing thousands of data processes with jet-like speed. In the hyper-connected digital economy, consumer expectations are rising faster than ever. Your customers and constituents want faster response times, more personalized interactions with your brand and more control of the customer experience. To meet all these expectations these platforms have improved the digital speed to remain the race.

  • Cloud-first strategy:

No matter how much storage space we are provided with. We all need more and to have enough space to save our data we often create backups in portable devices or online storage called as a cloud. People are too afraid to upload their data to the cloud because of the security issues. There are multiple cost-saving and productivity improving benefits to adopt a cloud-first strategy. One of its benefits is saving. We all know that no matter how much we manage things manually, there is always a need to update, replace or repair something which is both times and cost consuming. Cloud first strategy has saved your time and energy with this more improvised and secure technology. Cloud system has also introduced better options for data recovery which means there is always a chance to recover your lost data that is why it is being used worldwide.

  • Mobile-first and tablets:

The organization has always wanted their software to be more efficient and just a touch away from their users. In today’s world where everything is so fast and improved there a constant demand of having all of your applications in one device. Studies have proved that people tend to use their phones more rather than their PCs, so they are making a mobile version of all the highly rated and most demanding software. Similarly, people expected tablets to take off as the new way to do business because they were mobile, powerful and relatively easy-to-use.

  • Location Services:

Location services are predicted to be one of the top digital transformation trends this year according to Partovi, an Iranian-American entrepreneur.  Location services are powering a new wave of business opportunities that rely on mobile phone data and location information. Location services help us a lot while traveling, in direction, in parking and in connecting to our workplaces. Partovi said that technology could be used to remove the friction people usually face on a daily basis in their lives. Partovi is planning to create a “mobile-base” solution to solve the problems of the people who arrive at the hospital and face difficulties in finding parking places. Location services will indicate the best place to park when patients arrive at the parking lot, as well as how to navigate the hospital to get to where they need to be.

  • The Block-Chain Technology:

The blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. The contributor of Forbes, an American business magazine, Daniel Newman block-chain technology “may finally find its place in 2018”. He cites the predictions of tech site Datamation that block-chain may underpin up to 20 percent of global trade finance by 2020.  All the big industries in the race of technology are up to taking full advantage of this tool. It will soon enter the healthcare and entertainment industry. It is expected to be one of the most significant and famous digital transformations of the current time.

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Shawn Marshall is the father of two little girls. He is a digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. He regularly shares her bright ideas on


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