5 Pre-Installed Android Apps That Should be in Every Phone

5 Pre-Installed Android Apps That Should be in Every Phone

The advent of smartphones has kept everyone occupied in today’s time. From calling to texting, making notes to calculation, everything can be done on a smartphone now.

Pre-Installed Android Apps

With a plethora of smartphones on the market, it can be confusing for a user to choose one. For some, the priority is a good camera, for others, it’s the processing speed, and some only care for the looks. However, one of the most important factor that one mustn’t ignore here are pre-installed apps on a phone.

While most of the Android phones come with preinstalled apps, there are still some phones that do not, such as Nexus series, a few Motorola phones etc.

Pre Installed apps remove the hassle of going to the app store, finding one and then downloading and installing it.

Here are 5 Android apps that should be in every phone:

Photo Editing Apps

With the fever of Instagramming and Facebooking on the rise, there is a dire need to have a pre installed photo editing app on a phone. This is the era of taking selfies and we all want to look good in them so we can put them up on the internet and also enjoy a large number of likes and comments.

We don’t mean an app that can implement small filter features, we mean one that’s an actual photo editing app that offers lots of features such as adjusting blemishes, colors, filters, tones and many advance features.

There are many on the market, so look around and pick one that is fun and easy to use and comes with several features.

Streaming TV Shows

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services with more than 104 million subscribers and growing. However, it’s not free which is why everyone can’t afford it on their phones.

Android users need an app that lets them stream their favorite TV shows on the go and watch it for free.

PDF Readers

Smartphones aren’t used for entertainment purposes only. They are used by entrepreneurs as well to work on private files, which are typically saved as PDF documents as they are more secure than traditional file types.

This is why a phone should come with a PDF reader, such as Soda PDF.

Video Editing

Just like photos, we also love to make videos and share them on social media. However, there are always some minor adjustments to take care of in a video such as trimming off a specific part of the video, applying a filter etc. Here’s where a video editing app comes in very handy.

A phone that comes with such apps would definitely be preferred over phones that do not come with such apps.

Music Player

Smartphones have made it much easier to listen to music whenever and wherever you want to. However, you need the right music player to be able to enjoy quality sound so phones should definitely come with one.

These pre-installed apps remove the need to spend hours on the Playstore and pick apps to work on your phone.

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