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5 Tips to finding great YouTube channels to watch

5 Tips to finding great YouTube channels to watch

YouTube has many artists with their own little corner on the internet. You can easily find the most popular YouTube channels, but it is hard to discover new or smaller channels who do not have many followers. YouTube does not have a specific way to filter and find channels you might like. You cannot rely on the most loved videos since some people buy YouTube dislikes to bring down a video’s popularity.

great YouTube channels to watch

 The best way to search for videos you might like is through a third-party website. These websites will tell you about new YouTubers you might like. Here are five tips for finding great YouTube channels to watch.

  1.  Channel Crawler. This site has indexed over 600,000 YouTube channels to make a simple tool that makes it easy for you to filter channels. Their filter options include:
  • The categories that the channel is listed under on YouTube.
  • The language that the channel uses
  • The channel’s country
  • Minimum and the maximum number of subscribers
  • Minimum or maximum amount of total views
  • Minimum or maximum amount of total videos
  • How many days it has been since the channel last uploaded a video.

The site always allows you to add keywords to your search, which work similarly with the Google search strings. For instance, you can add “-Minecraft” to exclude Minecraft channels from your search. YouTube should consider building Channel Crawler into its site.

  1.  Channels Hunt. Channels Hunt has finally done what YouTube has failed to do: coming up with a nice category-wise list of all the major channels. Channel Hunt has classified 1172 YouTube channels so far, across categories such as sports, beauty and fashion, games, tech reviews, children, and much more. Each group has other sub-categories, which are also labeled with how many videos they contain. For example, with a couple of clicks, you can find the best channel for documentaries. Channels Hunt goes further to recommending six new channels in each week. Often, these recommendations are from popular accounts with many videos.
  2. &Chill. This site is similar to all other apps used to watch YouTube at the same time with friends who are far. You create a room, send a link to your friends, and you get a movie theater-like experience. &Chill has public rooms, which are a great discovery tool. You can go through the list of public rooms and find something that many people are interested in watching.
  3. Tube Spark. This site is creating a discovery engine for niche YouTube channels. The engine is like StumbleUpon, the random link discovery engine, but only for YouTube channels that build a specific type of content. You find a single video on the main page. You can choose to watch it or skip to the next. Once you have viewed, you click the like or dislike button to vote. The votes will determine whether the video will be shown to other people or not.
  4.     r/ChannelWatch. You can look for recommendations from other people by heading to Reddit’s r/ChannelWatch community and finding new channels. The site is five years old now, so it has a massive repository of old posts that you can consider. However, always try the top posts or filter by the most recommended videos to find the most relevant content.


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