Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa

Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa

Eating disorder known as bulimia nervosa is one of the major problems that are related to our food and eating behavior.

Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa In this problem, a man consumes food in excess amount in the short span of time and then purges or vomits in order to get rid of food. It can cause various health diseases like osteoporosis, gum disease, heart disease, kidney disease and sometimes death. The affect of bulimia is mostly on teens and women. The main reason behind this is getting desired weight. Excessive exercise, vomiting, use of some supplements are the various ways are used to get rid of food. This problem requires serious attention because without treatment, purge and binge can take serious form and we can suffer from various health problems for a long period of time. This way of reducing weight is very harmful and contains a lot of disadvantages with it.

 Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa

If you are having this problem then it is necessary to have treatment of bulimia nervosa. The most necessary thing in this treatment is to make sure about safest and healthy medical treatment. Two techniques can reduce the signs and symptoms of this problem and has been proved by research also. Like for various eating disorders, CBT is considered the cornerstone for bulimia treatment.

Treatment of bulimia depend on the severity of disease and time it has been taken. The first treatment of this issue is psychological counseling. In this physicians use therapy named as cognitive behavioral therapy to change eating behavior. This kind of treatment involves the nutritional counseling with patients in order to change his certain kinds of behavior and various thinking patterns. The major goal behind this theory is to guide patient about the eating habit. He is asked to take food three times a day and avoid unhealthy junk foods. Various kinds of antidepressant supplement are used to minimize cycle of purge-binge and to reduce its symptoms.


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