Morphine side effects

Morphine side effects

Morphine is used as medications, which are utilized for the treatment for pain from moderate level to severe. They medicines are taken when one feels pain.

Morphine side effectsUsually it is taken after surgery. It is not for short-term treatment of pain unless you have taken morphine before surgery. In medications, it is used as benchmark, gold standard and is used as a pain relieve for suffering and intense pains. Instead of pain relieving, it is also very harmful for health. There are lots of morphine side effects which are discussed below:

Morphine side effects

Morphine side effects

  • Like different opioids, morphine acts on your nervous system directly. In case of breathing problem and asthma, you should not take morphine. It can affect on your breathing system and can make it slower.
  • Avoid taking morphine in excessive amount or for longer time period. Avoid crushing it while using instead swallows it completely.
  • Avoid sharing it with addicts or with those persons who have a long background of drug abuse. It’s better to put it in a safer place, once you used in order to keep it out of reach of others.
  • There are some other common side effects of morphine like drowsiness, dizzy, abnormality in lowering of blood pressure, incomplete bowel movement.
  • You can also feel excessive sweating, feeling faint.
  • You can also feel stomach pain, cough and headache. Chest pain, itching, discomfort, numbness is the problems which can occur with the use of morphine. You can also feel change in seeing colors especially in yellow or blue colors.
  • You can also feel suppress in your appetite.
  • Sometimes you can feel vomiting and nausea and slow heart beat. Chills and sweating is common problem that can occur after using these medicines.
  • Decreased urination and chest pain are the less common side effects of morphine.


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