Different causes of hearing loss

Different causes of hearing loss

The recent studies have unleashed that not only old age people, but youngsters are significantly catching hold of hearing loss. The prolonged exposure to noise, mobile phones, and loud music are forming the primary reason why millions of youth are turning deaf annually.

Different causes of hearing loss

Adults face the loss of hearing because of weekend tissues and cognitive decline. Most of the doctors examine your tinnitus for knowing the exact health of your ears. Make sure you let you know doctor about every condition so that you can get healed without much delay.

Your ENT specialist might perform specific tests for knowing the condition of nerves. The patient may be handed with an audiogram along with MRI and CT scan. Doctors identify the structural problem through medical methodologies and then start treatment accordingly. Usually, medical consultants use the same medical identification methods in case of old age and young people. One must know that the tinnitus treatment is the most common option for Aiding hearing problems.

What causes of hearing loss? Let us know about it in detail

Genetic hearing loss – this is the most common condition that gets found in some of the sufferers. 400 genetic syndromes amongst which hearing loss also gets included.

Age-related hearing problem – it occurs after the age of 60s. A person is either able to hear partially or turns completely deaf. The inner ear changes in structure as a person ages. The ear nerves reaching the brain get damaged by the lesser supply of blood from the heart. High blood pressure is a primary cause of age-related hearing loss. Maximum of the people who suffer from such a condition are able to identify higher pitched sound instead of lower pitched ones.

Noise pollution – if you are regularly exposed to loud noise, then it is going to catch hold of you quite early. Most of the people who work at construction sites, traffic managers, or any other noisy environment can suffer from temporary or permanent hearing loss, and It is harder for them to identify the low pitched sound. The inner ear hair cells tend to deteriorate with time. A natural way of tinnitus treatment includes putting cotton balls in ears or completely avoiding a creepy environment.

Excessive use of gadgets – if you happen to talk on the phone for more than 30 minutes in a day, you are 10 times more exposed to hearing loss. Headphones and mobile can manifold multiply the bacteria in your eardrums thereby leading to permanent damage to ear walls. The best would be to talk to the speaker on your mobile phone and listening music on music systems instead of headphones or earphones.

Head injury – if you have ever suffered from an accident in which you ended up hurting your head severely, it can result in permanent or temporary hearing loss. The ringing of ears (tinnitus) is quite familiar with a traumatic brain injury.

Accidents – if you accidentally happened to insert a sharp or pointed object in your ears, there can be an effect on your hearing ability. Millions of cases reported each year in which people accidentally insert earbuds and keys deep inside the ears thereby damaging the eardrum permanently.

Excessive cleaning – Earwax also plays a vital role in helping us to hear. If you clean your ears too often, you wipe out the required amount of air wax from your ears. The removal of the entire year wax exposes your eardrum to dust, moisture, insects and other diseases.

You cannot avoid genetic or sensor neural hearing loss. However, you can undoubtedly encounter all the reasons that can make you fall prey to tinnitus. Instead of going for a doctoral tinnitus treatment adopt home remedies and safety methods to keep your ears healthy. Avoid using any kind of sharp objects for removing earwax. Also, make it a point to clean your ears at least after a gap of 15 days. Visit your doctor in case of earlier symptoms of hearing loss instead of waiting to turn completely deaf. Your ears are precious. Take care of them and do not use them wrongly by excessively exposing them to noise, Gadgets and mobile phones.


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