Celebrate New Year 2017 Differently: Do Not Make Resolutions

Celebrate New Year 2017 Differently: Do Not Make Resolutions

As we see Facebook updates, celebrity tweets and Friends’ texts talking about what they intend to do, we all get tempted to make our own New Year resolutions. Deep down, we all know that even within January we will lose track and by February we will totally forget about the promises we made to ourselves. Look back at the New Year resolutions you made in your life, how many have you carried with you throughout the year?

Happy new year

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There are many reasons (some being very lame excuses while others are legitimate ones) why we fail to keep up with resolutions we make on New Year. Lack of motivation and abundance of distractions are the two prime reasons. We get so busy with fast pace of everyday life that resolutions take a back seat.

Let us celebrate this New Year in a new way, and make a resolution not to make any resolutions. Yes, let us divert from the tradition and instead live our lives to the fullest. Time is slipping from our hands as years are passing by; we need to find out what really makes us happy and spare some time in all 365 days of the years to do that thing.

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Here, we give you some common resolutions and why you should refrain from making these resolutions:

Want to lose weight?

This has to be on the top of the list because this is the most common resolution I hear from everyone. However, you should not make a resolution to lose weight because you should be confident about your looks. If someone is going to judge you by your looks and ignore the amazing person that you are, then they are not worth changing yourself for.

lose weight

What you need to focus on is your health. You need to enjoy your life in a healthy way, enjoy all the good things you are blessed with; why refrain from stuff when you can have it. The only goal is to be moderate and not cross the limits. You don’t have to be compulsive; rather enjoy the spontaneity yet don’t get carried away.

Want a high salaried job?

Looking at countless job opportunities on online job portals, we are all tempted to jump at high paying jobs. But, instead of going after a job because of its salary, work at a job you are passionate about. After all, you are spending prime years of your life; so do not devote all your energies for the sake of money, and do what you enjoy doing.



People who indulge in work that they love to do tend to be more happy and successful. The age old saying ‘Money can’t buy everything’ stand true even in our times. We earn money to have a better life, yet we forget to live while doing that. Like it Abraham Lincoln said:
“It’s not the years in your life
that count. It’s the life in
your years.”
Don’t be quiescent
“Travel makes one modest. You see
what a tiny place you occupy
in the world.”
(Gustave Flaubert)
A stationary life is a boring one. Your soul gets rusted if you stay in the same place, with the same people, doing the same things day in and day out. Travelling opens new windows, bringing fresh air into otherwise stagnant lives.
This year make plans to satiate your soul and enjoy life in a new setting. You can choose a beautiful destination if you are a nature lover. Art lovers can go to museums around the world and appreciate the masterpieces while quenching their eyes with the glorious artifacts. Forget your diet plans or working hard for a promotion and explore the world; it’s worth it.

Become serious about life

Most people think (or they are told) that they are not serious about their lives. Hence, they end up making resolutions and plans of getting serious about their life track. However, we give you a golden piece of advice that you should not make this resolution. You should keep the child inside you alive. The harsh realities of life are going to strike you sooner or later, what you shouldn’t forget is how to enjoy life as innocently as a kid.

Get married

Marriage is a strange dilemma: people who are single want to jump into matrimony, while those are married want to jump out of it. If you ask married people, 90% of them are going to tell you to delay getting married and enjoy the years of bachelorhood as long as you can. So, take their and our word: do not make a resolution to tie the knot this year; instead enjoy the blissful life of singlehood.

Getting married on New year Eve
New life resolutions

Why settle for less when you can have a lot more than this. Take the opportunity to have a good look at your life and priorities. Don’t make resolutions for the coming year. Go easy on yourself. Make long term, realistic plans and stick to them. The key is perseverance. Make progress with one little step at a time; don’t go for leaps as it may tire you.
In short, forget about the old school thought of making resolutions on the beginning of New Year. Why not cherish each moment of your life and improve yourself step by step as you go along. Happy New Year


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