Lack of personal support limiting SME growth

Lack of personal support limiting SME growth

While the govt continues to speak up its support of Australia’s little and medium-sized businesses, operators on the bottom are expressing frustrations that government policies don’t seem to be targeting the areas wherever support is required most.


 Cindy Huong Bui, the owner of plus-size women’s swimwear and sleepwear brand Curvysea Australia, says support is severely lacking for business owners to be able to cope with emergencies and disasters that happen in their personal lives.
 Her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer, and she has relied heavily on family and friends to help her juggle caring for her husband, taking him to and from chemotherapy sessions, all while keeping her business running. “At the moment, I don’t suppose there’s enough support for tiny business house owners if explosive personal circumstances like mine arise,” she tells My Business.
 In different instances, support for caring for a beloved is also offered, however, the family isn’t eligible because of waiting lists or financial gain thresholds.

 Another hot-button issue for several SME owners is that the soaring value of child care, and therefore the lack of handiness of support throughout school holidays. My Business reader Debra Anderson commented in February that the summer amount is especially exhausting for SME owners as a result of it comes with the double whammy of a seasonal hold up in business combined with school holidays.

  “I assume what hasn’t been been thought of … is that SMEs struggle to really beat up the two-month December/January school holidays as a result of they’re juggling kids and business,” says Debra.
 “I understand several SMEs who got to nearly shut down over this era so that they will take care of kids.”


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