Undergraduates and Postgraduate Scholarships Istanbul Aydın University Turkey

Undergraduates and Postgraduate Scholarships Istanbul Aydın University Turkey

Istanbul Aydın University gives out unrequited scholarships to the needy and successful international students every year. In order to receive the scholarship, we do not only look for the students’ academic achievements but also at the students’ participation to the social and cultural activities.

Undergraduates and Postgraduate Scholarships Istanbul Aydın University Turkey

Applications can only be made through Applicants are required to submit and upload the necessary documents to the application system.

Applications delivered by post, courier, or by hand will not be accepted.

In-course Scholarships are available to students currently registered at the Istanbul Aydın University.

Application and Evaluation Conditions

1) Achievement Scholarships, is given to studying successful students of Associate’s, Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctorate degrees of IAU, who have completed at least 1 term and are registered students with transcripts.

2) Students whose Grade Point Average (GPA) is below 2.50 cannot apply for the scholarships.
3) The scholarship application is evaluated based on a scale of 100.

Transcript; A GPA of 2.50 is 25 points, and a GPA of 4.00 is 40 points.
Cover Letter; A cover letter which the student expresses themselves in a strong way is worth 20 points.
Reference Letter; A reference form which will be filled out by a lecturer will be worth 20 points.
ISSA’s View; The form which the ISSA Office fills out is worth 20 points. The evaluation is made based on 4 fundamental elements; Social, Cultural and Sports Activities, Responsibility and Leadership characteristics, Aptitude for Team Work and Social Awareness.
4) The scholarship application which you will be handing into to the ISSA office, as stated in Article 3 of the scholarship application, will be evaluated by the ISSA office, and then will be given to the International Relations Directorate and the Board of Trustees for further evaluation.

5) The results of the scholarship application will be relayed through the contact information provided by the student on the application form and the student will be called to the ISSA office to sign the scholarship agreement.

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