All One Should Know About the Abstract of a Dissertation

All One Should Know About the Abstract of a Dissertation

The abstract is a small part of a dissertation, but it should not be valued less than the other parts. Check the main requirements for abstract writing here.

Abstract of a Dissertation

General Requirements for the Abstract of a Dissertation

Writing an abstract is a final stage of the dissertation writing. You complete it before submitting the final version to the professor. The point of the abstract is to get other scientists acquainted with the research methodology, actual results and main conclusions of the dissertation. An abstract is written in the national language. The publication of the abstract allows you to get feedback from the specialists in your field anytime. So, you see that this is not something to complete within a few minutes. However, if you procrastinate just long enough, you may find out that you do not have enough time. This is okay since there are experts ready to rescue you online at for a cheap price.

Abstract – the Visiting Card of the Dissertation

The abstract is succinct and at the same time rather thoroughly revealing of the main content of the dissertation. It should not contain excessive details, as well as information not present in the dissertation. The abstract is a kind of a visiting card of the dissertation. It outlines the main ideas and conclusions of the dissertation, the contribution of the author to the research in the scientific field, the degree of novelty and the practical significance of the research results achieved.

Abstract – the Key to the Defense of the Dissertation

The abstract is a part without which the dissertation cannot be defended, no matter how it was written. In view of this, the abstract is as important as a legal document. It is no wonder that only after completing the abstract, the applicant obtains the right to defend a dissertation, that is, the preparation of the abstract is essentially the last and most responsible stage of work on the dissertation.

The Importance of the Abstract

The importance of the abstract as a document also lies in the fact that the data given in it assess the level of the dissertation and the scientific qualifications of its author, his skills in designing the results of the scientific work. The latter is also important because the abstract, as a rule, does not undergo professional editorial processing, and the degree seeker, thus, acts in the role of the author and editor at the same time.

The Main Purpose of the Abstract

The main purpose of the abstract is to inform about the scientific results obtained and to introduce them into the field of scientific communication. Thus, the author’s abstract as a means of reviewing the results of the dissertation performs an informative function in the sense that it not only informs the reader of the fact of the defense of the dissertation but also details its content in a sufficiently profound way. The abstract enables other researchers to grasp the main ideas of the dissertation without having to read it. This is especially important since theses stored in libraries are issued for use only with certain restrictions.

Preparation of the Abstract

The abstract compilation consists of  the scientific information compression (the main process of analytical and synthetic material processing), aimed at discovering and choosing from the content of the dissertation is the essential information and submitting it in a new compressed form based on the principle of “minimum words – maximum information.” Such work requires some knowledge.

Analysis and Synthesis of Information

Analyzing the content of the dissertation, its author discovers what corresponds to the purpose of the abstract and is to be included in the text. In the logical unit with the analysis, the synthesis of information includes its logical evaluation, generalization, search for substantial and precise means and forms of its presentation. It is carried out in order to create a new document – the abstract, which, in spite of significant differences from the dissertation in terms and form, should be adequate to it semantically. And although these processes, like any creative activity, are difficult to level out, organize and unify, you can find common approaches to writing the abstract by researching the common principles of its creation.


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