5 Myths about anime that may deter you and why you shouldn’t believe them

5 Myths about anime that may deter you and why you shouldn’t believe them

If you’re an avid anime fan, chances are your knowledge on these Japanese animation movies runs deep. Anime is more than a recreational form of media – it’s an overly popular style of filmmaking that’s deeply entrenched in nerd culture. However, there are certain misconceptions about anime perpetuated by people who dislike it. These fallacies are created when people assume certain things about anime lovers.

Myths about anime

Considering the fact that anime is designed to attract both children and adults, families can watch these exhilarating animations and reconnect while at it.

Here are 5 myths that may deter you from enjoying anime and why you shouldn’t believe them:


  • Anime is for perverts


Some people are convinced that only perverts watch anime. Their proclivity to this misconception stems from their interaction with hentai (or erotic anime). However, hentai doesn’t represent Japanese culture and belief system. It is usually created outside Japan for audiences with perverse sexual desires. However, anime consists of decent animated shows that can be watched by anybody.


  • All anime is the same


Contrary to this popular believe, there are numerous types of anime you can watch. In fact, hundreds of anime shows exist. They cover wide-ranging topics from dystopian societies to ordinary life in high school. If you love science fiction flicks, there’s a variety of anime shows you can watch to scratch that itch. Anime is rich and diverse. Since it’s meant to be viewed by both the young and older generation, there are themes that stretch across the board.


  • Anime is overly violent


Sure, some sub-genres of anime depict violent scenes here and there, but that’s just a small fraction of them. Violence is a touchy subject for most people. If you detest the viciousness brought out in film, there’s still lots of anime shows you could watch. Check out an assortment of kid-friendly anime shows such as Haikyu and Spirited Away. It’s easy to fall in love with anime shows once you discover how vastly diverse these shows are.


  • Anime is too boring


Since anime is created and produced in Japan, some people believe that it solely depicts the Japanese culture and identity. However, this is simply a misconception. Apparently, tying anime to Japan makes the animations less marketable elsewhere. Luckily, anime developers discovered this fact and tweaked certain aspects such as names, references and locations. They also infused foreign concepts to make their shows sell better in countries such as America. Today, anime is vast, diverse and fun to watch.


  • Anime fans are all weirdos and freaks


Here’s the icing on the cake: some people actually believe that anime enthusiasts are nuts and should have their loose bolts tightened. However, this is a terrible fallacy that should be nipped in the bud. Anime fans are mesmerized by the sheer creativity harbored by these addictive animations. There are huge lessons everyone can learn by watching anime, so why not explore this vast world?

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. Check out some anime shows with your family and make your preferred selections.


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