Investing Blueprint: Investing in Real Estate Without Purchasing a Property

Investing Blueprint: Investing in Real Estate Without Purchasing a Property

Real estate is highly profitable asset sources and must be a part of every diversified property portfolio.

Property investments offer capital profits and investment returns while having a low association with the conventional asset categories stocks and bonds. That makes the industry of real estate a great alternative asset category for portfolio diversification but as well supports in improving your portfolio gains.

Nevertheless, numerous small investors tend to keep away from real estate as an investment because of the constant requirement to meet the mortgage on an investment property as well as having to deal with renters and property preservations.

Presently, on the other hand, if you desire to invest in real estate industry but you do not want to have to prepare your debt calculator, the great news is that there are many other methods in which you can invest in the industry of real estate without the requirement to purchase a physical property.

Property Wholesaling

One of the initial procedures for investing in real estate without the need to purchase a rental property which comes to mind is wholesaling. As part of a property investment approach, wholesaling is very much comparable to fix and flip in the manner that the whole process will end in a short period.

However, in a fix-and-flip situation, you truly purchase a property, do needed fixes, and sell it for earnings. In wholesaling you pass up the entire method of purchasing a rental property.

Alternatively, you negotiate with a property dealer, market the property for business, look for a property purchaser, and assign the agreement to the purchaser. The cash you earn will be the difference between the selling price and the buying price.

Nonetheless, it is safer for you to be careful. No matter how good it seems, wholesaling in the industry of real estate is entirely a tiresome method which needs plenty of action on the part of the property investor within a very short period (the term of the agreement with the retailer).

However, if you are eagerly looking for opportunities to penetrate into the industry of investing in real estate without the need to buy a property, wholesaling may be the best method for you.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

If you have ever considered about investing in real estate, sure you must have heard a thing about REIT or Real Estate Investment Trusts.

It is an association or corporation which funds in real estate over the purchase of properties such as condo units, apartment buildings, commercial properties. Additionally, the association also invests in mortgages whether it is commercial or residential.

So, you can say that REITs being a mortgage, equity, or a combination of both. REITs are comparable to mutual funds in the understanding that they combine investments, produce capital profits and investment returns, and enable investors to finance in a varied portfolio of properties.

Real Estate Funds

Another investment strategy in real estate for those who are willing to pass up the methods of purchasing a rental property is through investing in mutual funds.

What are Real Estate Funds?

Real estate funds invest in real estate stocks, investment trusts, or a mixture of both. Investors in real estate then buy and settle mutual fund allocations based on the mutual fund’s prevailing NAV or Net Asset Value.

The NAV is computed once daily in proportion to the closing rates of the agreements in the portfolio of the mutual funds. Again, that is an approximately simple approach to become an investor without the necessity of becoming the owner of income property and to work as a property operator and landowner.

Purchasing Land

Lastly, if you desire to invest in the industry of real estate but are not prepared to go over purchasing a rental property, you can consider purchasing land as your alternative course.

Purchasing land is a lot easier because you do not need to think about the analysis on the investment property for there is no property established on the land. There is no need to think about rental income, renters, cash movement, as well as vacancy rates either because you do not usually rent out the land.

But how can you earn money from it? You can gain profits from selling the part of the land the moment its value increases. For more information on real estate, you can always seek advice from skilled specialists in Rose & Jones and find out which suits your situation best.


The realm of real estate is known for great profits. However, most people believe that it will require a huge amount of capital where there is no need for such. As mentioned in the article, there are some ways as to how you can invest in real estate without buying a property.


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