4 ways to filter tap water for drinking

4 ways to filter tap water for drinking

Your tap water is good for drinking only when you have filtered it. Water filtration is a way of removing bacteria and other pollutants from the water. This helps you prevent water-borne diseases from affecting members of your family. You can use a water filter as one of the methods of water purification. There are many more easy ways that one can purify their drinking water. There are chemicals such as chlorine or iodine that can be used for this purpose. You can also choose to buy a special water filter that is specifically designed for tap water. Such a filter can be bought in many shops and stores that sell water-related items. You can read more at website.

ways to filter tap water for drinking

Here are 4 ways that you can filter tap water for drinking:

  1. Faucet mounted water filters

This is one of the most convenient tap water filters that you can use. It is easy and simple to clean your tap water through this filter. They are attached to the faucet end in the kitchen and as such, you can just use the water as you would normally do. Carbon filters are among the most common types of faucet mounted water filters that you can use for your home. With these filters, you can conveniently use them without the need for you to refill pitchers. All one needs to do is buy them from reputable brands so that you can be assured of quality and effectiveness.

  1. Boiling the water

Boiling of your tap water is also a very convenient way to filter it of any pollutants. However, boiling will use fuel and could cost you more in the long run. One advantage of boiling drinking water is that it kills all the pathogens in the water. As long as the water reaches the boiling point, it is easy to use this method of water purification. You can drink the water when it is hot or you can as well let it cool before you consume it. Boiling drinking water helps kill cysts, bacteria, and worms that can be found in water. Drinking hot water also helps in improving the digestion of foods.

  1. Use of iodine solution, chlorine drops and crystals

This is a chemical way of treating tap water for drinking needs. Use of chlorine drops and iodine solution is a very effective way of killing germs, bacteria, and viruses from the tap water. With the iodine solution, you are assured of a way to purify your tap water. However, you will need to wait for at least 30 minutes before you can drink the treated water. Chlorine is also affordable, easily accessible, and lightweight, meaning that you can use the drops to purify your tap water. You should use the recommended number of drops into the specified quantity of water. Remember that this is a chemical and could be poisonous if used in excess quantities.

  1. Use of ultraviolet light

You can use UV as a means of purifying your drinking water. All you need to do is use the small flashlight around the water for a few minutes for it to kill the bacteria. It is easy to use and can be carried around so that one can use it at their convenience.


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