3 Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Grind a Stump Yourself

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Grind a Stump Yourself

Trees are an invaluable part of our environment. For example, you can lie in the shade of a nearby tree when you feel like basking in an outdoor environment. Trees improve the aesthetic appeal of our homes as well. However, getting rid of them is necessary at times, including when they hang over your home precariously. Doing so is also necessary when strong winds blow off huge chunks of a nearby tree. Cutting small branches and trunks is possible, but tree stumps are another matter.

Grind a Stump Yourself

More specifically, removing this stump requires help from experts in tree removal. This removal will open up space in your yard. Moreover, it will make your yard look more appealing than it was when the stump was there. Here are 3 reasons why you should never try to grind a stump yourself.

  1. Equipment and Technical Know-how

The equipment that you need for tree stump removal includes a grinder, shovel, mattock, chainsaw, or rake. You can buy or rent this equipment, but that is an unnecessary cost. Instead, use that money to pay for the services of professional stump removers. Remember, you are responsible for rented equipment. That means you will pay for repairs or loss if anything unfortunate happens to them. Hire stump removers to avoid such scenarios. They will be responsible for their actions and equipment. Hiring them is also an excellent idea because they know how to use this equipment. For example, did you know that wearing protective goggles is necessary as grind the stump? Did you also know that rocks damage the teeth of the grinder so removing them before you start grinding is critical?

  1. Safety and Experience

Removing rocks from the base of the stump before you grind it is important for your safety as well. Other safety measures are necessary and these measures will protect you from unnecessary harm. It is worth noting that grinder-related injuries could be unimaginable because grinders are powerful machines. Standard measures include thick clothing to protect you from the debris that grinders throw off the stump as they grind. What kind of shoes will you wear? Remember, ordinary shoes including tennis shoes are a terrible choice for this kind of work. However, steel-toed shoes are an ideal choice. Safety measures result from years of training and practice. Only people will an adequate level of experience in this industry understand and appreciate all the precautions that this job entails. You do not have an adequate level of experience so hire someone who does.

  1. Efficiency and Cleanliness

Grinding a tree stump takes time. Sometimes, it can take as long as two hours or as little as fifteen minutes. The time taken depends on the stump itself, the skill of the grinder, and the type of grinder he is using. For example, some grinders have fourteen or fifteen horsepower engines. Others can pierce a stump by as much as 12 inches deep. A few grinders can rotate as fast as 3,600 rotations per minute or even higher than that. Only expert grinders have the best grinders at hand. Doing it yourself means you would buy inexpensive and in most cases, inefficient grinders to limit your costs. These cheap grinders are inefficient. Finally, expert stump grinders understand that the finish is always as important as the process is. Therefore, PRO STUMP stump grinders will get rid of stump debris and shavings for you. More importantly, they will do an impeccable job when it comes to removing your stump.


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