Why Are Children So Obsessed With Kayaking

Why Are Children So Obsessed With Kayaking

Kayaks are quite popular. They are used to navigate rivers, seas, oceans and many other water bodies. For hundreds of years, people have used kayaks for travel, sport and even hunting. Today, they are mainly used for sports and recreation. People of all ages can kayak. Children absolutely love the sport.

The splashing water and endless fun keeps them glued to their kayaks. Here are some reasons why children are so obsessed with kayaking.

  • They can enjoy the activity with their friends

Kayaking provides a chance for kids to get together with their friends for afternoons of sun, splashing around and camaraderie. This sport is a social activity. Not only can you navigate the waterways together, you can race and even take communal photos. It is a great way to bond with your family and friends. As a matter of fact, kids often get their indoor-loving friends to try out this outdoor activity and they end up loving it!

  • It is great exercise

We all know that children need ample exercise so that they can grow healthy and strong. Kayaking is an ideal exercise. It allows children to work out their arms, torsos and legs as well. By paddling to and fro, they can move their bodies in rhythmic ways that promote overall fitness.

Not only does kayaking facilitate physical exercise, it also helps them to develop mental discipline. Sometimes, they may need to work as teams. In such cases, factors like strategy communication and interaction come into play. By spending afternoons kayaking, children can improve their physical and mental fitness!

  • They are easily accessible

You don’t have to own a kayak so as to enjoy the water. Children can simply rent kayaks. Many water parks and waterways have facilities where you can rent a kayak. They are quite affordable to rent.

Moreover, you can even buy a second hand or mint condition kayak on There are some affordable options available in water sports stores around the country. Thankfully, the small, children-sized kayaks are the most affordable of all.

  • Kayaking is very relaxing

Children love kayaking because it is very relaxing. It is an excellent outlet for any stress or anxiety that they could be having from schoolwork. They can paddle in a calm way on a pond or thrash forward in the rapids. Both experiences help the children to calm down and let go of their worries!

  • It is great for traveling

Kayaking is one of the activities which you can combine with trips. Children love going on kayak excursions. They visit new waterways, ponds, rapids and rivers where they can kayak. The children are usually under adult supervision during these excursions. As a result, they stay safe. By embracing this sport, children get to see various places around the country and the world as well!


One of the most amazing physical activities that you can enjoy today is kayaking. You can enjoy it on your own or with friends or family.

For the reasons indicated above, children are absolutely obsessed with kayaking. It is a fun activity that can create lasting memories!



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