Plan your vacation with the help of the mobile apps

Plan your vacation with the help of the mobile apps

The idea of travelling or going on a vacation makes us feel excited and enthralling. So when it comes to planning for the trip, one has to make sure everything is under control from the flights, hotels, cars, itineraries to much other stuff.

Plan your vacation

To make travel and the planning phase interesting there are many websites, services and apps available with great deals and offers. There are different kinds of apps that offer services for different purposes, like some apps that provide the booking services to pre book the flights, rental cars and hotels; another set of apps that are specialized in consolidating the itineraries. Other travel apps are used to assist and guide the users when they reach the destination like providing the tips for sightseeing, providing offline maps, and recommending some of the finest and the best cuisines from the local and street foods of the place.

Travel apps- Best companion to help with travelling and planning


The best know app in the travel search information and booking website also has a separate mobile app for both the Android and iPhone users that offers the users with unique deals. There are exclusive discounts for the mobile app users when they are on last minute hotel bookings. And with the sort reviews from the other users on the consistent feedback makes it easier to make the best bookings.

Plan your vacation


This is the flight and hotel search app that list ordinary and common flights and hotels, but it provides one special service that makes it stand alone from the rest of the apps by providing the listings from the non-traditional lodgings like HomeAway and Airbnb. The travelers on the budget will like this app, for this particular feature.

Google Flights

Even though there are many travel search apps and websites available online, the free flight search site that gives the most possible and available options. Be it the multi city flights, one trip or round trip- all the Google Flights gives the available options, however the user must use another website to make the purchase. Apart from showing the cost of the flights, Google Flights also show the other days in which the price of the flight is cheaper. This service can be used as a second option when it comes to checking for cheaper flights.


This app provides the best deals and discounts for the bookings on flights, hotels and cars and allows the users to book them. And if another user books the same travel with cheaper price, the app offers a price guarantee. The people who are willing to plan a trip in advance to get lower price deals can choose this travel app and also helps the ones who make booking at the last minute.

Plan your vacation


The SkyScanner has a unique search interface when it comes to the low cost flights, sometimes traveling to a particular destination might be costly and so the users can adjust their search by using the interactive and intuitive graph on the app to find the best dates where they can get cheap deals.


This is the favorite travel website to all the travelers because they can find the best deals and offers on the booking with the new booking service. Initially the website only offers the search for the best deals on flights, but with the booking service, the users can pre-pay for the rental cars, hotel reservations and flights. Sometimes it is directed to the partner website to complete the booking process like Priceline, Orbitz to provide the best deals.

Location info and Travel guide


This app helps the users to plan on how they can spend their vacation, like the places they can go and the days on which they can visit those places. The app has more than forty thousand attractive places listed in three hundred destinations, the app syncs with the website- which helps the users to check out the itineraries the on big screen. The information about the destinations like the visitor’s guide, the photos and the maps are available offline so that people need not worry about the data connectivity.


People who wish to go on a vacation, but are tight on their budget need not worry. The Viator app shows the discounts and deals on the places that are nearby or the places where the users wish to travel. However, the destination location that the user is searching for must be under the app’s list. The deals and discounts might vary depending on the place. So, people those have no idea on how to plan a trip and visit the tourist attraction places can use this app.


When the user wishes to go on a vacation to any cities around the world, they can use the app to get to know about the interesting things about that place. Apart from suggesting the sightseeing, shopping agenda, the app suggests the users with the stuff for outdoorsy people and family friendly activities. If the users save the itineraries in the app and when they pull them while travelling, they can even search for the nearby places, like hotels, restaurants and shopping points.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

The people can get suggestions about the tourist spots, shopping centers and eating joints when select the city or place of their choice. The users can download the offline maps of the cities they wish to go on vacation before leaving that place.

Plan your vacation


The app gives the users the tips and advices to the users when they are on vacation. The details about the nearest hotels, restaurants and other things are listed in the app; so that the users can enjoy their vacation in an organized manner without missing anything from their trip.

City Guide- offline maps

The other name of the app is which allows the user to explore about the destination places along with the itineraries that the user might wish to know. The user can use the offline map to know more about the location. Apart from saving the itineraries from the app, the users can also import the itineraries designed by them. The app is best suited for the international travelers.

Other apps


This app is available for both the Apple and the Android users and it connects the email address of the user to compile the travel information automatically for the users. Any kind of verification or the confirmation details for the reservations for the rental cars, hotels or flights can be searched using this TripIt app. The entire travel information is organized in the app that makes the user’s work easy.

Packing Pro

This app is exclusively designed for the list makers. The app helps the user to remember the things they have packed and not packed. There are several lists suggested to the user or they can also create their own list. Apart from the list, the app also has many reminder options. The app is well suited for the people who are planning for a multiple family member vacation.


This is an app that helps save the entire travel loyalty program that makes it easy for the users to remember and use the loyalty program for the next trip.

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Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development. Cabily script is a clone of Uber, which developed by the tech gigs of his company.

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