Explore Britain’s gorgeous coastline all-year-around

Explore Britain’s gorgeous coastline all-year-around

Package holidays abroad have always been popular for Brits, but they have become increasingly popular over the last few decades as prices continued to drop. Even still, they’re not within everyone’s reach and that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a holiday. The beaches are always busy and if you have children, it’s a challenge to bag a bargain as the prices rise during peak. It’s time to enjoy a staycation and I don’t mean in your home.

Britain coastline

Britain is a go to a hotspot for tourists everywhere and it’s high time we started exploring what our country has to offer. From stunning sea views to hilltop hikes, there’s everything you could ever imagine (and more). So, Britain, here are your best bits!

  1. Fife Coastal Path

It’s literally as pretty as a postcard and from the Forth Bridge to the Tay Bridge, it spans 65 miles. During the summer months, you will come across amblers (like yourself) but in the autumn, you may be lucky enough to enjoy that cloudless day without the throngs of fellow appreciators. Imagine the fresh air and the North Sea a picturesque cobalt. It’s Scotland at its best and the opposite of the typical stereotypical Scotland.

Fife Coastal Path

It has long been popular with musicians, artists, ramblers, and well… anyone who is looking to be inspired.

2. Southwold

A slender pier, beach huts, and golden sand… what could be better than a visit to the Suffolk Coast? It’s the perfect combination of vintage chic and the traditional British seaside town, which is probably why it is so popular.


Enjoy a traditional high tea at Tilly’s where the staff wear maid outfits inspired by the 20s and indulge in layered scones and more. Don’t forget to stop for fish and chips on a windy day, you can even fly a kite.

Added bonus: there’s a brewery right in town so it’s the ideal spot to enjoy an ale or two.

3. Durdle Door

This hotspot is tucked out of view, but it’s worth it. From the car park of Lulworth Cove, you’ll find a chalk trail that leads into the hills. It may look like a trek, but it isn’t as far as you think and once you arrive you’ll see why it was worth it.

Durdle Door

You’ll find the door at the summit and it is made from limestone (as carved by the sea!). Enjoy a picnic on the beach and enjoy a spot of paddling or just watch the waves crash. Don’t be tempted into swimming through the door, though, it’s dangerous even when the water looks calm.

4. White Cliffs of Dover

Sheer drops and dramatic views, most everyone have heard of the stunning White Cliffs of Dover, but if you haven’t been then it’s a must. You’ll find Shakespeare Cliff on the west side (and yes, it did get its name from the bard himself after the cliffs featured in Lear) and you can follow the trails into Samphire Hoe, a quiet nature reserve.White Cliffs of Dover

Don’t forget to check out the incredible panoramic views over the Dover Straits and guess what, on a clear day you might just spot France.

5. North Norfolk Coast

The coastal path takes you on a journey through a fairly unusual landscape and provides you with access to some of the quirkier spots of the country. You’ll find a dinky railway at Wells that runs from the lively town to the shore (in high season it runs every fifteen minutes).

Don’t miss out on Stiffkey, though, it features narrow streets, red brick homes, and antique shops, as well as a pub serving incredible seafood and local ales. Then there’s Blakeney, it’s a resort town that holds a crab catching contest amongst its canoes and dinghies.

6. Guernsey

Scones and cows are the quickest way, to sum up, this popular spot, but there’s more to it than that. Like the rambling lanes through the country and the sight of ripening tomatoes.

The ancient cliffs are steep and you can access them through woodland and farmland flows. Be prepared for stunning views of the cornflower sea and a green lush coast. You can get the best view from Jerbourg or Icart. This coastal spot is the perfect place for a rambler, and as long as you have wellies and a raincoat you can take in the scenery at any time of year.

You don’t need warm weather to take advantage of these coastal spots either, they are perfect to explore in all weathers (what self-respecting Brit doesn’t own wellies?). So, stop missing out on what’s right in front of your face! There’s no reason to break the bank just to enjoy your travels around this beautiful country.


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