5 Tips to buying custom blinds

5 Tips to buying custom blinds

Buying the right custom blinds may be a bit confusing and can be a difficult task because of the different factors you should put into consideration. Features, styles, and your budget will affect the choice you make. Read on to see the top 5 tips for buying custom blinds;

Decide the rooms to furnish

Every room in your house plays a different role and has characteristics different from each other. So, before setting out to go shop for your blinds, you need to first make a decision on what room to furnish and know what outcome you want. This makes it easy for you to pick out the most suitable blinds when you go for shopping. When buying blinds for your bedroom or bathroom, it may be unnecessary to consider a current trend but instead, make a decision that considers the privacy the rooms need.

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Consider your interior décor

Your interior décor plays a major role in determining the kind of blinds you want for your windows and doors. The blinds you choose should match your décor well because the wrong type of blinds for a room may not blend in well with it. Popping blinds may be a great option to go with a décor that gives your space a dull vibe. The color also is a huge determinant of the kind of blinds you choose to go with. So, in addition to the purpose of your blinds, you need to ensure that they are perfect for your décor.

Light filtration

The level of light filtration you want in your space is a major tip to help you buy window blinds. Knowing the purpose of each room in your house will help you decide the level of light filtration you need in that room. A space that may require total darkness and filtered light at different times can do well with blackout lighting. These blinds for bi-fold doors are worth taking a look because choosing suitable blinds for bigger spaces with wider doors and windows may be a bit challenging.


The amount of privacy you want in your home will greatly impact the kind of blinds you choose to buy. The type of blinds you fit in your living room will differ from those you choose for your kitchen or other secluded rooms like the bathroom and bedroom. Your bedroom is more likely to require more privacy so choosing opaque blinds that allow enough light may be a good decision. Your kitchen on the other hand can do well with see through blinds.

Weigh all the options you have

Having a variety of options may make it difficult for you to choose the right blinds for your space. You need to make sure that you weigh all the options available and avoid rushing when making a decision. Whatever blinds you choose should fit all your needs and that of your space. Your preferences are to be considered but making a choice solely based on them may be a bad decision. So, ensure that you analyze each option while comparing independent feature for the best outcome.


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