5 Tips for Traveling To Kilimanjaro

5 Tips for Traveling To Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro refers to one of the thirty-one administrative regions in Tanzania. It is home to the Kilimanjaro National Park. More than 57,000 tourists visited this park in 2012 and slightly over 16,000 of them climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. This mountain is the tallest one in Africa standing at about 16,100 feet. In contrast, the Shard, also known as the London Bridge Tower, stands at 1,016 feet. That means Mt. Kilimanjaro is a remarkable sight.

Traveling To Kilimanjaro

Here are 5 tips for traveling to Kilimanjaro.

  1. The Best Time to Travel

The weather on Kilimanjaro is dry and warm in September, February, and January. Therefore, traveling to this region at this time is an excellent idea. March is also an ideal time to visit the Kilimanjaro National Park. At this time, the annual migration of zebras and wildebeest takes place at this time. Travel to Kilimanjaro from June to November if you want to go on safari. You will see wild animals congregating around riverbanks as the water dries up in other areas because of the dry season.

  1. Select the Right Clothing

The clothes you would wear for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro are different from the ones you would put on for other outdoor activities. For example, your shoes have to be waterproof if you are hiking this mountain. They have to protect your ankle as well. Avoid plastic shoes and go for thermal socks. You also need synthetic t-shirts that exhibit wicking properties. A heavy fleece is also necessary, as is a waterproof jacket. Moreover, you need gloves and a down jacket.

  1. Be Wary of the Sunshine

Kilimanjaro lies three degrees south of the Equatorial plane, unlike London, which lies fifty-one degrees north of this plane. Consequently, Kilimanjaro experiences a tropical climate while London experiences a temperate maritime climate. Protecting your skin with sunblock is essential because tropical climates damage your skin. Carry this sunblock from home or purchase it as soon as you land in Tanzania. You also need a lightweight sunhat and sunglasses to keep the sun’s rays at bay.

  1. Choose the Right Route

Kilimanjaro region covers a total area of 13,250 square kilometers with a population density of 120 people per square kilometer. In contrast, London covers 8,382 square kilometers with a density of about 5,590 per square kilometer. This difference is astonishing. Selecting the right route in such a sparsely populated area is critical. Do not go anywhere by yourself especially when you are in the park or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Communicate with your guide constantly and charge your devices before you leave your hotel room.

  1. Carry the Right Gear

Kilimanjaro is an incredibly beautiful region that is ideal for photos and videos. Therefore, carrying your camera or camcorder is an excellent idea. Smartphones with high-quality cameras are sufficient as well. Carry snacks and plenty of water as well especially when you are climbing the mountain. Remember, your body dehydrates faster at high altitudes than it does at sea level. Therefore, keeping yourself hydrated is an essential part of ensuring that your body copes with this environment.


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