5 Drinks You Should Make While Camping

5 Drinks You Should Make While Camping

Camping is a fun, recreational activity that most people consider doing during the summer. You can camp with your family members or friends. It is a good time to catch up and bond with your loved ones. You can organize several activities or games to play during that period. The campfire is a constant aspect in the morning and evening while catching up with a drink in your hand. It is important to remember packing a few essentials to make drinks at any time of the day.

Here are a few ideas of drinks that you can consider making while camping:

1) Coffee

Some people cannot forego coffee while camping. The mornings and evenings can be cold sometimes. Coffee is a good way of awakening your system and keeping warm. There are different coffee recipes to prepare away from home. Single-serve instant coffee sachets are portable and do not take up much storage space. You will also not spend lots of time making coffee. However, some people prefer the normal home recipe of coffee-making, irrespective of the time. Choose the route that best suits you.    

2) Premixed cocktails

Carrying ingredients for every meal and drink plan can be bulky. Premixed cocktails are the perfect option if you do not want to prepare you cocktails from the camping site. You will need to consider your guests’ preference and amount of dilution. They do not require ice as you can add water when necessary. You can access a variety of premade cocktails such as long island ice teas and margaritas from your liquor store. Here are a few tips for buying premixed or bottled cocktails.     

3) Lemonade

Warm temperatures during the day or night can be a bit uncomfortable. Lemonade is a cooling drink that can be taken at any time of the day. It is easy to prepare. Ensure that you carry the required cocktail ingredients that will be enough for all. There are several lemonade recipes online. Pick one that will not be strenuous to prepare. You can opt to add alcohol in your lemonade or not.

4) Beers

Beers are a good option if you do not intend to spend most of your camping time preparing drinks for your guests. The canned beers are portable and do not take up much storage space. There is a variety of beers in the market. Ensure that you get a variety to meet your guests’ preferences. You can ask them to suggest the best option before purchase. Remember to carry a cooler for chilled storage.

5) Water

Drinking water is not a priority for most people compared to alcoholic drinks. You can opt to buy or carry it from home. It is important to keep your body hydrated because of sun exposure. Activities such as hiking and running might leave you dehydrated, and water is a healthy solution. It can also be used in case of any accidents or injuries during camping activities. You can store some of the bottled water in the cooler for extreme warm temperatures.


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