5 Best Islands You Should Visit In Cambodia

5 Best Islands You Should Visit In Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the unadulterated regions in the world. It is still considered unexplored and underdeveloped when compared with their neighbors in Thailand. However, it is undeniable that this place is worthy of being exalted and explored. And that statement is according to me and other people who have been on the Cambodian islands.

If you are into swimming, camping, scuba-diving, or partying, Cambodia can become your next haven in Southeast Asia. This country has a plethora of islands that can cater these needs. I suggest that you should visit one or two of these islands once in your life. If your time and budget permit, you can do an island-hopping! Trust me. You are going to enjoy your excursion.


Anyway, here are some of them:

5 Best Islands You Should Visit In Cambodia

1. Koh Rong


In the past, the tourism of Koh Rong is as good as uncivilized. The only amenities for tourists that the place can provide are bungalows that are situated alongside coconut groves and thick forestry. But despite this, Koh Rong was already a prospect. It is an island that has an abundance of white sand strips–trails of scenery that you can never shrug off.

Today, amenities like hotels and other accommodations are already mounted on Koh Rong. It is already teeming with all the necessities for every backpackers out there. Fortunately, trekking, hiking, and camping can still be done on the island. The locals decided not to fully modernize the place. That gives you more reason not to skip making your camping checklist.

I have to admit that Koh Rong is still underdeveloped, especially if you are going to compare it with other Cambodian islands. But there is still an upside to things. For one, Koh Rong is one of the best party islands in the Thai region. Business owners tend to crank up their generators overnight just to keep the music and lights running. Live performances from local DJs are also being provided. That’s a sweet deal already.

2. Koh Rong Samloem


Koh Rong is different from Koh Rong Samloem. It is time to clarify that misconception already. This island is one of the most preferred destinations for backpackers and tourists from Phnom Penh. The island is somehow ideal for relaxation. It is typically quiet and calming throughout the day, especially during the weekends. You can always go to the Lazy Beach to have your repose from your hectic schedule.

Recently, other establishments sprouted to the other parts of the island, specifically at the Saracen Bay. This is an inlet that has the unique heart-shaped geography. The place is still a wonder. Pristine waters. White sand beaches. Everything that can make your soul and body relaxed is here.

Good thing, these new businesses have an eco-friendly operation. It is one of their active goals in tourism. As a result, they were able to main the cleanliness and quality of their attractions.

3. Song Saa

Song Saa is actually a composition of private islands on Khmer. Take note that their islands are expensive as heck. You have to bring a lot of bucks if you want to stay a night or two there. The villas that are situated there have prices that can go as high as $3,000 per night.

But of course, the price is extremely justified, despite being absurd. It can offer you a one-of-a-kind adventure experience. The scenery is fitting for the cost. The island is equally sedating and enlivening. There is a marine reserve that encompasses the island–a spectacle that you shouldn’t miss.

When it comes to the amenities, Song Saa can offer premium services. Free champagne, international calls, local gourmet delicacies, and access to the mini bar are among of the things that you can enjoy here.

Also, it is important to highlight that Song Saa has been one of the standards of Cambodia when it comes to sustainable development. That makes this island exceptionally developed.

4. Koh Thmei

For nature lovers, the island of Koh Thmei is the perfect rendezvous. Specifically, the place is located within the enticing Ream National Park of Cambodia. In here, you can revel and witness a variety of monkey, lizard, and civet species. Koh Thmei is also the home of more than a hundred varieties of birds. In fact, some of these bird species are endemic. The place is also home to few endangered wildlife.

Despite these magnificent natural wonders of Koh Thmei, your stay might become a little tricky here. You see, there’s only one accommodation on this island. It is the Koh Thmei Resort. And if you think that this is the resort that you are envisioning of, you are slightly wrong about that. Koh Thmei Resort is just a set of wooden bungalows that are solar powered.

But if you are the rowdy backpacker that is not dependent on these kinds of amenities, the Koh Thmei should be your next stop. You can enjoy exploring the uninhabited beaches here, too. Who knows, you might get lucky and see a parade of dolphins in the sea.

5. Koh Tang


Koh Tang is quite distant from the mainland of Cambodia. It is a five-hour destination, which might exhaust amateur backpackers. However, this should not worry you, especially if you want to do scuba diving. It is one of the perfect islands in the region for this activity.

Koh Tang has a rich history. The island was the maelstrom of the clash between the Khmer Rouge and US Military during the 1975 Vietnam War. Interestingly, the skirmish is considered as the last recorded battle of the war. There are no remnants of those battles anymore, except for one small Cambodian military outpost. They keep on guarding the place to ensure its cleanliness and safety.

Because of the military presence, the waters of Koh Tang is fully preserved. It is clean and clear. It offers peerless underwater visibility to the alluring marine wildlife.

There are eight diving sites on this Koh Tang, which is a testament to the glorious underwater treasures that it has. Pufferfish, stingrays, and nudibranchs are among the creatures you can see here.

Let’s Pack!

These are the islands that you should explore first when you are in Cambodia. You will never have a dull time whenever you visit one of these cool places. For every occasion and need, there is one perfect island in Cambodia that can serve you. So what are you waiting for? Start packing your things now because the Land of the Khmer is waiting for you!

Did you like this article? If you have some questions or suggestions, just drop them in the comment section below!

Author Bio:

I am Nora D.King – a contributor of I am a nature lover. I believe that it is important for people to connect with mother nature’s gift of the great outdoors. I also write for several websites that focus on traveling and backpacking. I’ve also ghosted for other famous personalities who are known to be active in exploring nature and survival enthusiasts.


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