Twitter testing tool for reporting Fake News

Twitter testing tool for reporting Fake News

 In this post-2016 presidential election world, the means social networks combat the unfold of pretending news has become a significant issue.
Twitter is functioning to feature a brand new feature that may let users flag tweets that contain deceptive, false or harmful data, the media reported.
 Twitter remains testing the feature and if discharged may seem like a tab showing in a very computer menu aboard tweets, The Washington Post reported recently.
 The new tool could facilitate the corporate, with over three hundred million monthly users, to fight faux accounts, extremists that use the platform to recruit and even hate-spewing trolls that have vulnerable girls and minorities.
 However, Twitter same their square measure “no current plans to launch” the feature.
“There aren’t any current plans to launch any kind of product on these lines,”   Twitter representative Emily Horne was quoted as locution. Horne supplemental that she wouldn’t discuss whether or not it absolutely was being tested.
per a Twitter weblog post in June, the corporate same that it absolutely was adding personnel and resources and building new tools, however, shared few details concerning the trouble.

TwitterTwitter is “working arduous to observe spammy behaviours”, Colin Crowell, vice chairman of Policy, same in a very web log post in June.
 However, it’s not nevertheless clear however Twitter’s feature to combat faux news would perform and also the company remains to research a way to style it, the report same.
the corporate is additionally direction on machine learning to observe micro-signals from accounts to work out whether or not they square measure faux, the report noted.
 Alternative social media platforms like Facebook, with 2 billion users, have used crowdsourcing and conjointly extended a tool that lets users flag content they suppose could be false.
 Google has conjointly asked the general public to assist spot pages that square measure deceptive or offensive.


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