ITU students invented ICT-enabled Navcane to solve Mobility Problems of Visually Impaired People

ITU students invented ICT-enabled Navcane to solve Mobility Problems of Visually Impaired People

Visual impairment(Blindness) is a worldwide problem. According to stats, there are two hundred and eighty-five million visually impaired people around the globe, and among those, four
million live in Pakistan.

Navcane is ICT-based solution invented by students of Information Technology University, Lahore.  It is a small device to attach with White cane which can alert them of any obstacle from a distance and help them to memorize their right direction.

ICT enabled Navcane

Navcane detects obstacles with electronic sensor and alert user with Vibration

The First prototype of Navcane presented in the Design for Scale Expo offering the innovative solution.

  • It detects obstacle via ultrasonic sensor and vibrator start vibrating every time there is an obstacle coming ahead, alerting user to change the path.
  • Magnetometer guides them to avoid deviating from the track.
Navcane Prototype

Navcane First Prototype Testing

Navcane’s Researchers team claim that our technologically advanced cane can help visually impaired people to solve their Navigational problems and get independency in their life.



Visually Impaired person testing Navcane

Navcane is working with IPAL (Innovations for Poverty Alleviation Lab) which developing ICT Solutions for low-income communities. To reach low-income visually impaired people, Navcane launching its donation campaign worldwide which titled as “Donate a Navcane” which will ensure transparency and delivery to right people. 



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