How future Technology is going to change lives

How future Technology is going to change lives

Imagine going back to the Stone Age. Picture yourself living in a cave with no piped water or electricity to play that video game you so much like. Imagine how long it would take you to start a fire for simple meals or using smoke signals to inform your neighbors that you are doing well.

future Technology

Humanity has made huge leaps in technological innovations in the last century. We have conquered the moon, created high-speed modes of transportation and the communication gap has been tremendously reduced.

Some people tend to think that we have reached the peak of our capacity when it comes to technological innovations. But, we are not there yet.

This article will explore some emerging technologies that are going to change how we live and interact with our world.


Home ownership is expensive, and construction is time-consuming. Architects use 2-D designs for construction,and thus are prone to errors; it is also burdensome to modify existing designs. 3-D technology helps architects to create visual images of the house and then transfer the designs to 3-D printers used for home construction. This process is fast, error-free and with increased adoption will lead to a reduction in house prices.

Driverless cars

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Mobile taxi applications like Uber changed how people travel. There was a lot of resistance from taxi operators when Uber was introduced, but they soon came to embrace it. Technological innovations have extended to automobiles. Today, we have self-parking cars, and this has opened the stage for driverless vehicles. In the future when you want to travel all you will need to do is log in to an App and a driverless car will be at your service. Tesla, Google, Volvo are some of the companies doing test drives for this innovative technology. Speculation is rife that driverless cars should be on our roads in the next two years.


Advancement in Artificial Intelligence and robotics will see a change in how companies relate with their employees. Many people have already started getting jitters that machines will lead to the extinction of humans in the workforce. While their concerns are valid, there will be an increase in efficiency and the creation of new roles in organizations. Instead of fighting these technologies, employees should endeavor to acquire relevant skills in the workplace. The first jobs to be replaced by robots and AI will be low-skilled tasks. The workplace will also be interconnected through multiple Applications and the use of cloud technology. This will enable employees to work anywhere in the world. Freelancers who will choose when and where to work will replace the traditional 9 to 5 model. This change will need companies to invest in the networks to secure their data. Hackers will be on the prowl looking for unsecured gateways so that they can steal user’s personal details.

Virtual Reality

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You have probably seen people having a good time while wearing goggles and wondered “what is going on”? Virtual reality is going to be the next big thing in the gaming world. Enhanced graphics and sound will take your gaming experience to the next level. You will also be able to view movies and stream live shows in 3-D through your mobile phone.

This technology will even extend to video conferencing. Instead of using video and sound to communicate, you can have a real life hologram that is an exact representation of the person you are communicating with.

Virtual reality might be extended to the classroom and replace traditional textbooks. Students can be taken through experiences in the past or explore marine life in 3-D.

Space tourism

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Renowned entrepreneur Richard Branson had a dream that one day people will get into a space shuttle and go on vacation in space. This dream will soon be a reality. Robots have already been sent to Mars for exploration purposes,and very soon we are going to see cities been constructed on the planet. Once this is done, we will see more people choosing to spend their Christmas on the planet Mars.

Delivery drones

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Imagine ordering your pizza through an App and having it delivered to your doorstep by a delivery drone. Drones are being used across the world for a variety of ways like monitoring poaching, unmanned airstrikes, video photography amongst others. The technology for delivery drones is there it is legislation that is lagging behind.

Advanced prosthetics

Medical advancement in neurology and robotics will see people acquiring prosthetics that can do many things. This means you can get an arm that is wired for the internet and control most of your electronics through it. This prosthetics might in the future give people superhuman skills.

Augmented Reality will replace smartphones

20 years ago mobile phones were the main thing; then smartphones come into the picture with processor speeds faster than most computers. But, did you know that in the future smartphones will become obsolete and replaced by augmented reality? All that you will need is press a button on your bracelet or watch,and you will be able to access all the features on your phone.

Domesticated robots

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You have probably seen this in a sci-fi movie; a robot that does the cleaning, cooking and offers companionship. Improvements in AI will see the development of robots that are more personal,and that can relate with humanity. Some of the robotic pets will offer companionship to lonely people. Most of the household chores have been automated,and we should see further development in this area. While some people are skeptical of robots replacing humans, we are yet to reach a point where emotions and feelings are attributed to robots.


Technological advancements have dramatically changed how humans interact with their environments. Innovations in AI and robotics has led to the development of smart gadgets that replicate most tasks done by humans. Most people still take an apocalyptic view to robotics believing that at some point they will become so smart that they will replace us. There needs to be a balance and legislation put in place to prevent this from happening while supporting technologies that would benefit humanity.




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