Eminent Apps to Boost Business

Eminent Apps to Boost Business

Employ efficiency in every move of life inspite of the packed schedule filled with a hassle. It always sounds a bit weird when we talk about perfection amidst loads of perplexes, but still it’s possible when we plan things accordingly with  the assistance of handy apps. As  we bond with technology things go great, that too when it comes to professionals  and entrepreneurs business apps plays a major role in tackling things round the clock.

Just imagine, a reminder from time to time, a digital assistance to handle projects automatically, to support you while planning an official visits etc embedded inside simple apps. The following are some of the best apps that could help business people to make life easier.

Eminent Apps

Square Register

Bothered too much about the transactions in your business? Stay cool Square Register comes up with the intent to help business people with that. Make card payment collections simple and secured. Experience the ease of gathering plastic money transactions even without a credit card processor through the app itself. Funds can be deposited at a faster rate and you can find them in your in less than two business days.

Elite the customers with offers and discounts with the app. Receipts can be generated and sent through mail and SMS.  Any product or services of the business can be promoted with pictures and other details. It’s a great package of everything that’s required to start, run and maintain a business.

Card Munch

Convert your bulky business cards into digital contacts with card Munch blithe fully. All that we have to do is to take a picture of the card in the app and sync it. The contact gets saved in the digital form.


Got the fear of getting struck anywhere in a new place visited for business? Repose and take Curb app along. Book your taxi with an authorized driver to any part of the town safe and smooth. Pay your fair using the credit card with glee. Schedule things ahead and travel with all your heart. Connecting with 35,000 professionals and stands tall by staying active in 60 cities nationwide. Request rides and gets offered a pick within a few minutes. Never get worried about late night parties and early meetings stay smart stay connected with Curb services.

Google drive

One can use Google Drive to store and share files amidst the work environment. Retrieval of stored files seems to be far simpler than from any other source. Get back your documents anywhere you are from the drive and use it with ease. Sharing of contents doesn’t seem to be a great thing when we put things in the Google Drive.


Track your spending precisely with Expensify app. Reports generated on the various expenses helps the users a lot in various ways. Get least bothered about the maintenance of stained bills and record do it with the handy app. keeping back the old receipts serves as the biggest headache for people who have to account to the higher officials.

Present your documents on the expenditures neat and tidy to your boss and get your reimbursement without any issues.  All that we need to do is to approve with a single click and settle the payment. Again the mode of payment is so simple; it can do with digital money using ACH Direct Deposit, Pay Pal or Payroll.


Scanning goes so simple here with ScanR as you don’t actually require a conventional scanner to scan up your documents all that we need to do it just take a picture of the document using the app and save it in the required format. Prepare the soft copy of your document without tiring yourself looking for a printer. Scanner assures us with good quality output with great resolution and stands continent during critical times when we got to sent something through a mail in the emergency. So scan up with glee in ScanR.

SAP digital CRM

Give your customers a wholesome experience with the complete customer relationship management. Bring up your sales and marketing to the next level with the app. Though it not a free app the throughput the app gives is far beyond the amount which we put in for it initially. Achieve personal relationship with your customers by employing the CRM of the app. Support you team to the utmost level in building up their engagement with the customers. Bind up and bring greater collaboration with the world that needs your service!


Help yourself manage things in a stunning way by organizing your programs with Freshdesk. Book your tickets without any stress and have your business visits blissfully. Manage your Facebook, Twitter, mail and mobile smart with Freshdesk app and stay smarter.


Know the overall worth of your company and estimate the status using NetworthIQ. Get a chance to compare your place with your counterparts in the industry. Get the new trends and enhancements in the industry by correlating the features of the counterparts. Tackle your personal finance with the utmost optimized manner with NetworthIQ in your device.


Calculating and regularizing the money we spend turns out to be a big problem with almost everyone. When it comes to business it all the more complicated when people talk about money. Crash your complexities with Mint app and stay cool. One can do eminent cost cutting with the app by considering the output and handling money accordingly.

Are you tired of handling hectic emails that flood in your inbox? Get rid of the complication by using app. One of best ways to handle the overflowing of emails in the inbox is by unsubscribing the unwanted subscriptions we made all the way which you can do very well with the app.

Get directed to unsubscribe the subscriptions easily with the app. this will enable us to maintain and handle the emails. Sometimes we even miss out the important ones that we ought to respond to. Manage your mail efficiently with


Are you  Bored of managing your tasks all by yourself ?Get assisted with Basecamp app. Create your project outline, add participants to the project and assign tasks to them just like that which takes only around five minutes. The same task when it has to be done manually takes hours together with such a lot of hassle on the go.


Signing deals is no longer a lengthy process to get worried about, as we can sign up deals digitally. Planning to sign deals? Make it simple and efficient with Echo Sign. All that we need to do is approve and sign up digitally through the app. We can also save the document for further use and it can be retrieved easily. Never take the trouble of taking the deals in person do it with EchoSign. Get supported with functionalities that is required to finish the deal. The integration the app provides stands. Speak with electric signatures and make your deals simple with EchoSign.

It’s always important to make our stress regularized with something and these apps hold the highest priority in doing them for us. People who have a busy schedule collaborate with these apps which serve to be their technical companions to make their day easy and interesting. Though these apps lack a human touch they prove to be of great help to their users and stand reliable in whatever is assigned to them.



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