Automakers are Using Technological Advancements in their Vehicle

Automakers are Using Technological Advancements in their Vehicle

The automobile companies are working closely together with the technological innovations to improve the ways of designing the cars. With the trending mobile technology, the tech savvies are using the mobile devices like the tablets and mobile phones and smartwatches to integrate with the vehicles and access the functionalities that are present in the vehicle.


The connected cars are the vehicles are fitted with the LAN and data connection that allows the vehicle to access the internet with the devices that are present inside or outside the car.

New technology and the automotive industry

By using the mobile apps the functionalities and the features of the car can be improvised like implementing the GPS tracking system,  user convenience, transmission of messages to the in dash navigation system using the mobile phone, diagnostic reports of the vehicle and other common features like the remote access of the vehicle without a key and so on. The latest vehicles are fitted with wireless hotspots that can integrate with the infotainment systems like the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The new infotainment features, exceptional safety and the driver assistance are some of the encouraging acts that happen in the driving experience. However some of the executives in the automotive industry feel that their technical implementation is far better other companies in the industry and feel that they are in accordance with the latest trends. So there is confusion among the entire automobile industry regarding the new initiative features in the vehicles.

The new relationship between the auto and techno industry

As the world is moving towards the digital phase, the two major industries that decide the economic status of the country have planned to join forces with each other in designing a new vehicle with in-built technological features. However, there is a vast difference between these two industries in terms of doing business and other factors.

The technological companies comprises of a simple supply chain and business structure that changes according to the demand from the customer base and the development phase have much shorter span than any other industry. While the automobile industry follows an elaborate structure and the process involved the production and distribution of the products have evolved over the years. This industry has stringent safety laws and regulations with intricate development and design model.

But these two industries with contrast business models are integrating their new technology into a single package and develop a new vehicle.

Indispensible factors to smoothen the deadlocks

Data connectivity is an integral element

In general, the automobile industry craves for the high returns they receive from the digital sector because of launching the automated vehicles in the market and target on target on the loads of data generated through the connected cars. But the automakers cannot focus on the internet connectivity just to share the user information and to get a raise in the revenue. So, the vehicle companies must implement the internet aspects in a unique way so as to individualize them from the other automakers in the industry.

To set them apart from the others, the automobile companies must identify the technologies they must equip in their vehicle that will help them to build a standard for their brand and to protect the company’s values.  Thus, the application developers must take care of some of the distinct features while designing the app like the innovation ecosystem, development speed of the product and the technical aspects.

Safety measures in the connected cars

Safety is the substantial aspect and the automobile industry must focus more on the safety factors associated with the cars. The consumers will be attracted to the infotainment systems embedded in the vehicle along with the entertainment applications, but there should be no leverages when it comes to safety. If the companies compromise on the safety aspects of the vehicle, there are high risks involved in the lives of the customers those who ride the vehicle. The tech savvy drivers who relish the new technologies also consider the individual safety as the prior term.

To adhere to the advanced vehicles, the lawmakers and transportation officials are warning the tech companies and the automobile companies to avoid driver distraction features in the vehicle. So both the industries must focus on the safety aspect of the drivers and riders and implement features that do not distract the drivers from driving the vehicle.

Protection from cyber attacks and security threats

As the newer vehicles are equipped with internet connectivity, the automakers must protect the confidential and user information from the hackers and information theft. The experts are expecting a reduction in the cost of the cars with an increase in the features and the cars will have advanced features that will diagnose its own mechanical issues and other technical advancements that consumes large amounts of data.

The cyber criminals and malicious attackers target these kinds of tech vehicles to trap the data and damage the vehicle and cause destruction to the car owners. But, the automakers are falling apart in terms of the data security, so the application developers must consider these aspects and make sure to build a technology that addresses all the issues related to the security.

The tech companies have to develop firewall systems and backup models to protect and function properly at times of cyber attack. The cyber security feature does not stop after building the system, but it requires a constant update of the protecting features and monitor the system without fail.

Renovating the development cycle

The recent development of the automobile products must only be within three to four years with slight modifications in the exterior elements and external design of the vehicle. So, it is in the hands of the auto companies to improve the devices and external products with innovative apps and updated devices and features. If the automobile companies fail to address to the new technologies and trending features, then they will lose the market standards and the brand will fail to satisfy the customer’s needs and thereby the users will move on to other automakers who offer advanced and updated features in the vehicle.

By understanding the market features and requirements, some of the automakers are adapting to new technologies and are concentrating on the development phase of the connected cars. The automobile companies must concentrate and invest more on the memory capacity and the vehicular technology and deliver the updates to the customers.

Car manufacturing and operations model of connected cars

Because of the market requirements and the nature of the automobile industry, the automakers have produced personalized and intricate operation models to enable proper functioning of the vehicles. Even when the automakers have mastered these technicalities, it is entirely different in the case of the connected cars.

The companies require a concrete layer of constraints and considerations in designing the system and must connect with multiple functionalities like vehicle platform, internal functionalities of the company and the development program.

Though these challenges are hard to overcome, the automobile companies and the technology companies are trying their best options to by appointing and connecting the vehicles over the silos or they are setting up new silos, but are not enough.

The companies must take evolutionary approaches to collaborate the connected cars with the existing market structure and building cross platform functionalities to power train the vehicle.

Author Bio :- Andrew Shah is a digital marketing manager at, a leading PHP script development company that offers valuable services to clients. As a professional, he is interested in developing new mobile apps with Zoplay scripts that will benefit both customers and business owners.



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