5 Social Things You Can Do Instead of Go Out Drinking With Friends on the Weekends

5 Social Things You Can Do Instead of Go Out Drinking With Friends on the Weekends

In today’s world, a lot of people have a very weird relationship with alcohol. From weddings and family dinners to corporate networking events, it seems that booze is an integral part of all things communal. One of the reasons for this is that most drinkers find it easier to handle social situations when they are slightly inebriated. However, we all know that this kind of social drinking is usually the first step to a much bigger problem.

Drinking With Friends

Apart from the benefits to your health and emotional well-being, there are numerous reasons why you would want to quit drinking. However, for social drinkers, the question then becomes: will your friends still want to hang out if you are sipping orange juice instead of Dom Perignon? However, it is important to remember that the world is full of possibilities. Just because you choose to stop using alcohol as a social activity or emotional crutch doesn’t mean that you have to turn into a hermit. If you’re wondering how to stop drinking alcohol and partying every weekend, here are 5 other fun activities you can do instead:

  1. Get Physical

There are many different ways to replace weekend drinking with stimulating physical activity. The best part is that you can do these activities with your friends, increasing the ‘fun’ factor exponentially. For example, you could get a group of your closest pals together for an enjoyable nature hike or sign up for yoga in the park.

Camping is another fun and affordable way to spend your weekend nights too. You get to enjoy hours of fresh air, camaraderie, and exploring. Plus, think of all the memories you and your friends could make around the campfire! Whatever you enjoy doing, getting physical is an incredibly satisfying and enjoyable way to build more lasting bonds with your friends.

  1. Master a New Skill

A simple search on Google will show you the sheer number of classes that are available in your local area. Cooking, painting, writing, pottery, woodworking – there are so many options that are available to you. Instead of wasting your weekend nights at a club, why not use the time to learn and master a new skill? Make it even more fun by convincing your buddies to sign up for the class with you.

  1. Head Out to the Spa

Whether you are spending time with your friends or enjoying your own company, nothing is quite as decadent as getting pampered in beautiful surroundings. Having professionals give you a massage, do up your nails, and bring you cups of coffee is the perfect way to de-stress after a hectic week.

  1. Make it Fun to Stay In

When your idea of fun has been partying every weekend, the thought of staying in might feel like the seventh circle of hell. But there are plenty of ways to make sticking indoors a blast for you and your friends. One way to do this is to organize a game night. After all, there is a wide variety of card and board games available for you to try out. Another alternative is to have a movie night, complete with virgin beverages and tubs of popcorn. Better still, this is a far more affordable and enjoyable alternative to heading to a movie theater.  

  1. Volunteer

This is a great way to connect with other people with whom you have a shared interest. It could involve anything from helping out at the local soup kitchen to doing the yard work at the senior center. After a volunteering together for a few hours, you will have a whole new level of respect for each other. It will give you something new and exciting to chat about too.


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