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    20 Most Populated cities in the World

    1 Shanghai 2 Beijing 3 Istanbul 4 Karachi 5 Shenzhen 6 Guangzhou 7 Mumbai 8 Moscow 9...

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    How many people are in the World?

    World Population Current Population of the World is 7,376,294,790 which is growing at the rate of around 1.13%...

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    Karachi’s population to become double in 2030

    Asian Development Bank has released a report which claims;  In 2030  Karachi’s population will become more than...

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    How world population growth effecting economy

    The economy of country is affected by various factors like capital goods, human and natural resources. These factors have great influence in the development of economy. The most important recourse is human resource, because they utilize the natural resources present in country. They make different strategies and plans to utilize them efficiently....

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