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4 Ways vaping is better than smoking cigarettes

4 Ways vaping is better than smoking cigarettes

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette. Though vaping is still new on the market, it has gained popularity due to its health benefits over smoking. Most recent studies have shown that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Electronic cigarettes do not combust nor produce ash or tar. It’s a smart idea for a user to switch to vaping since he will experience health benefits such as improved blood circulation, increased lung capacity, good skin health, and a better sense of smell and taste.


Let’s see how vaping is better than smoking.

  • It is less dangerous to your health. Unlike cigarette smoking which leads to respiratory diseases such as cancer, vaping is less harmful to your health. It has been scientifically proven that smoking can lead to mouth cancer, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases be you a regular smoker or a chain smoker. Vape juice contains fewer chemicals while cigarettes contain large amounts of harmful chemicals. When you smoke, there is combustion of tobacco which involves chemical reactions which produce carcinogenic chemicals which can cause incurable diseases.
  • It does not harm the environment. E-cigarettes do not produce ash nor litter as smoking do, they do not pollute the environment. The fact that cigarettes combust, it is risky to the environment. Think of the risk of fire, many fire incidents have been reported to start due to careless discarding of cigarette butts.  Moreover, tobacco smoke produced by cigarettes contributes to atmospheric pollution and the greenhouse effect.
  • Less harmful for others. It is well known that smoking is detrimental to the smoker as well as to the people around them known as passive smokers. The chances of a passive smoker getting a coronary disease or even cancer are said to be very high. On the other hand, vaping is much safer for people around the user. Also, the fumes of vaping are odorless smoke, or they have an aroma that pleases.
  • Vape has plenty of flavors. While cigarettes have only tobacco flavors,candy king vape juice has endless options of flavor that suit the taste and preference of the user. Flavors are available at vape shops. For instance, in Australia, there are online vape shops which ship flavors to different locations including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and many more. Some examples are strawberry, apple, menthol, chocolate, cherry, among others. Meanwhile, if you are fed up with a flavor, you can try another one as there are many new created often.

Taking care of your health is one of the essential things in one’s life. Knowing the side effects of smoking especially concerning your health, it would be a foolish idea to continue smoking. Basically, due to addiction, quitting is a challenge. However, vaping can help you stop the habit of smoking. Also, a smoker with humanity should think of other people and the environment. Think of causing the fire to someone’s building due to careless discarding of cigarette butts, or someone dying of cancer because of passive smoking. Smoking is dangerous, be cautious.


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