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4 Types of protective tools to consider using

4 Types of protective tools to consider using

It is a sad fact that the world is a dark place where crime rates rise by the day. That in mind, you can never be too careful when walking outside alleyways or even when driving. To a lot of men, this is no big deal however, this is a problem that many women worry about.

While this is true for the most part, men are also increasingly victims of attacks outside, casualties of rape, robbery, and battery. Therefore, self-defense is a subject that no one can afford to overlook. First of all, statistics show that having a self-defense item with you at all times increases your chances of getting away from an assailant.

However, when you get protective tools, ensure that you learn how to use them effectively. It has happened that one’s protective tools end up harming them. For instance, pointing pepper spray the wrong way.

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With that said, what protective tools should you consider using? Before we get into that, what is the legality of these tools?

Legality of self-defense tools

There are protective tools that are illegal and could land you in trouble if found with them. In as much as your safety comes first, it is essential to follow the law as well. For instance, in some countries, it is legal to carry a gun while for others it is not. Therefore, respect the rule of law in your state.

Some protective tools are universally acceptable, and you should consider using. Here are four protective tools you should find for self-defense:

  1.   Pepper spray

Pepper spray is an exceptional self-defense tool for both men and women. Not only is it effective against an attacker but also easy to use and carry around. It could look like another spray bottle in your purse. Pepper spray cans come in different sizes to suit all users. Especially male users who need to fit the spray into their pockets.

  1.    Tactical knife

Knives of any type are a great weapon; however, not all blades are easy to carry around. Concealing a machete would be impossible. That is why you should opt for a penknife or a tactical knife. It’s easy to move, hide and use.

Also, when it comes to knives, try and get some basic training on how best to use a knife.  It helps you better handle an assailant without giving them your self-defense knife to attack you back.

  1.    Stun gun

Stun guns pack a punch and more when you need to get away from an attacker. Carrying a stun gun with you is a great way to keep creeps at bay. It’ll also help you feel safer since it’s easy to use. A taser, used on an assailant packs an electric punch that disables them long enough for you to flee.

You can also purchase a stun cane, which operates in the same way as the gun.

  1.  Tactical Pen

The tactical pen is a smart self-defense tool. It is less likely that a pen could cause any damage, but at the same time, it can be a potent protective tool. Tactical pens like other tactical tools are easy to conceal and use.

Tactical pens will typically work as a knife when you’re under attack and as a regular pen when you need to take notes.


Self-defense is not a matter of I’ll chance it and see how it goes. If you don’t have one of these protective tools, you need to get them today to feel a lot safer and prepared for any threats.


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