Turkey Leaks Secret Locations of U.S. Troops in Syria

Turkey Leaks Secret Locations of U.S. Troops in Syria

In the most recent show of Turkish outrage at U.S. approach in Syria, the state news association has disclosed the areas of ten U.S. army installations and stations in northern Syria where the U.S. is driving an operation to demolish the alleged Islamic State in its capital of Raqqa.

U.S. Troops

 The list revealed by the Anadolu news organisation points to a U.S. presence from one finish to the opposite of the Kurdish self-administration region—a distance of quite two hundred miles. The Anadolu news organisation even listed the amount of U.S. troops in many locations and in 2 instances stipulated the presence of French U. S. Army Special Forces.

 Turkey has straightforwardly condemned the Trump administration—and the Obama administration before it—for depending in the fight against ISIS on a local army drove by Kurds associated with the Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK. A separatist development now at war with Turkey, the PKK has been recorded by the U.S., EU, and Turkey as a dread association.

 To avoid the looks of allying with such a gaggle, the U.S. military discovered the Syrian Democratic Forces, that have an outsized part of Arab recruits.

 In spite of the fact that Turkey’s effective president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, routinely vents his outrage at the U.S., it is still exceptionally unordinary for a NATO partner to uncover subtle elements of a U.S. military spending amid dynamic operations in a battle region. In any case, the U.S. operation in Syria is in many regards an abnormal case. Not exclusively is the Unified States acting against the express wishes of NATO partner Turkey, which says its national security is straightforwardly jeopardized, it’s additionally working without the consent of the Assad administration.

 After a meeting Monday evening, Turkey’s National Security Committee charged that weapons gave to the Syrian Kurdish YPG state army had come into the ownership of the PKK. “This demonstrates both are a similar association,” it stated, including that different nations were utilizing a “twofold standard” for fear gatherings, a clear reference to the U.S. union with the YPG state army.

U.S. Troops

   Two U.S. bases in Syria—in Rmeilan, in northern Hasaka area, and Kharab Ishq, close Kobani in Aleppo region—as of now were notable before Anadolu distributed them. Anadolu said Rmeilan, in Syria’s oil-creating region, was set up in November 2016, and is sufficiently huge to deal with transport airship, while the base south of Kobani, set up in Walk 2016, is utilized just by military helicopters.

 The eight outposts, typically hidden behind signs warning of a “prohibited space,” are being employed each for active military operations, corresponding to shelling into town of Raqqa, and for table jobs corresponding to coaching and operational coming up with, the report same.
It claimed bases used for military operations house artillery batteries with high mobility, multi-barrel rocket launchers, varied mobile instrumentality for intelligence, and armored vehicles for general patrols and security.

  The episode is the most recent to strain relations amongst Turkey and a noteworthy NATO partner. A week ago, a senior Turkish authority disclosed to news that Turkey had consented to buy a rocket protection framework from Russia, a move that could risk Turkey’s relations with the Western security coalition. Germany is pulling back from Turkey’s most critical NATO base, Incirlik, after Turkey over and over declined to enable German administrators to visit troops there.


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