Qatar Crisis 2017: Answers of Key Questions

Qatar Crisis 2017: Answers of Key Questions

Qatar Crisis 2017

How is Qatar coping with the economic boycott?

Iran and Turkey have sent planes and ships loaded with food, but that won’t be enough as prices of essentials have skyrocketed in the country.

How can Qatar end up the crises?

 Gulf states are asking Qatar to scale back its support of terror groups by stopping funds. They want the expulsion of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and others linked to Hamas and the Taliban.

What is Doha’s response?

 Doha says it has a right to pursue its foreign policy and has sought to internationalize the issue. It has sent its diplomats to world capitals in an attempt to portray itself as a victim, which is not. Economically, it has preferred not to retaliate.

What is Gulf view of the tense situation?

 The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain say the crisis must be resolved at the regional level. All Qatar has to do is to come clean on its terror links, and stick to its commitments as a GCC member to protect regional security.

Who are the mediators trying to resolve the crisis?

 Kuwaiti Emir His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah made trips to Doha, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi breaks the deadlock. Turkey is also now involved in mediation efforts.

Will the row affect US military operations in the middle east?

 Qatar houses the forward headquarters of the US Central Command. Military operations in the Afghanistan and the Middle East are Planned and executed from there. A pullout could affect US military operations.

How has the US responded the spat?

 President Donald Trump has called Qatar a leading sponsor of terrorism but, on Thursday, the Pentagon went ahead with $12 billion F-15 fighter jet sale to Doha.

What are the other countries view on stalemate?

 France, Britain are encourages the two sides to hold discussions.

Are Saudi Arabia And UAE considering regime change in Doha?

 The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs has called for ‘cooler’ heads in Qatar, which means the country should come to its sense because the GCC block is losing its patience with Qatar’s foreign policy.

Will there be a military response, an invasion of Qatar?

 Turkey has sent 3,000 troops to the tiny country, but there is no talk of such a campaign by Riyadh or Abu Dhabi.  


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