Pakistan welcomes Azerbaijan to join CPEC

Pakistan welcomes Azerbaijan to join CPEC

Pakistan has welcomed Azerbaijan to join China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) because of its vital area as a travel center point for East-West China Europe Corridor, a piece of Chinese greater provincial availability Silk Road design.

Pakistan welcomes Azerbaijan to join CPEC  Pakistan gives gigantic significance to its exchange and financial relations with the focal Asian states, said an announcement on Monday.
 The previous executive Nawaz Sharif laid accentuation on changing over the brotherly relations between the nation and focal Asian republics into a solid monetary association. He guided the service of business to set up joint working gatherings on an exchange, venture and interchanges with Tajikistan and Azerbaijan for viable engagement on exchange and monetary issues.

 The meeting of Pakistan-Azerbaijan joint working gathering on the exchange was hung in Baku. Representative Minister of Economy Sahil Babayev drove the Azeri assignment, while Dagha drove the Pakistani side.

 The meeting members talked about the issues identified in particular taxes and traditions and exchange collaboration between the two nations and consented to investigate roads to help respective exchange.     Secretary Dagha likewise held a meeting with a clergyman of tax assessment and talked about conceivable outcomes of exchange collaboration.
 An update of comprehension between Trade Development Authority of Pakistan and the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation was additionally marked amid the visit to improve exchange and financial collaboration and to encourage representatives of both the nations.


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