Increasing rate of Muslim population in U.S

Increasing rate of Muslim population in U.S

According to research study, Muslim population will soon increase to one-quarter in the total population of earth till 2030.

Increasing rate of Muslim population in U.SWith the passage of time, the Muslims of U.S will become more than the double, so in 20 years you are going to be known as a Muslim in U.S as you know another person Episcopalian or Jewish today.

Those are considered among major finding in “the future of the global Muslim population,” the first Muslims ‘comprehensive examination who are increasing fast as compared to other groups.

Imam Johari Abdul malik, director a mosque said that “we are not surprised. Our mosques are schools are already overflowing”. Pew forum on public life and religion analyzed the statistics from the data of united nation, take census material of almost 200 countries and take into consideration demographers of more than 50 countries

If immigration and faster birth rate of Muslims as compared to others continue to grow then according to pew projects:

  • The Muslims of U.S with increase from tiny numbers now which is almost 1% of total population of nation to 1.7% which is actually a jump in 2010 from 2.6M (million) to 6.2M (million).
  • The immigration of Muslims towards USA and increasing share of Muslims for new legal and permanent residents will keep in increasing. The immigrants of U.S mostly belong to Middle East, south Asia and Africa.
  • Although 65% of the U.S Muslims has born in abroad and this ratio will move downward to 55% with the increase in native-born Muslims.
  • Worldwide the total population of Muslims is almost 23.4 to 26.4 percent and its hope to increase from 1.6 billion of population to 2.2 billion, according to estimation from 2010 to 2030 concentrated from the countries where Muslims are present in majority.

Increasing rate of Muslim population in U.S

Today, almost 3% of Muslim population globally lives in most developed countries. In various eastern European and northern nations, Muslims are present more or less 10%, increasing their cultural and political clout especially in various urban areas.

Associate director of pew forum research, Alan Cooperman said that percentage of Muslims is increasing but slowing and economic and political uncertainties may make drastic change in projections.

“The study does not project Muslims’ religiosity or their politics,” Cooperman said. “People will say, ‘I don’t care how many Muslims there will be, I care how many radical Muslim terrorists there will be.’ But no one knows that”. Ibrahim Hooper says that “We Muslims need to redouble our outreach efforts because of growing challenges from the vocal minority who see us as suspect.”


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