Child labour laws and facts

Child labour laws and facts

Child laborChild labour is playing remarkable role in changing the economical and social life of nation over many years. For agriculture and handicraft, child labour is an important part. Children work on their family farms; they are also hired for other farmers as well. Boys between the ages of ten to fourteen have begun their apprenticeship for trade. In the nineteenth century, child labour declined. Many small factories were giving opportunities to children and it was replaced by adults and women. Small factories prefer this because they have to give low wages, spend low cost on them and they can be easily managed. Child labour is considered minors.

Minor employees should be paid by the federal mentioned hourly wages. Employees must be paid according to state wages. Employees below the age of twenty should paid 4.25 per hour for first ninety days and when these days are over, their hourly rate must increase. Working hours regarding minors vary and depend on age and state. Federal laws must be followed for standard hours. For 16-17 year old minors, there is no restriction of hours but for 14-15 year old, there are standard hours that they can work. Rules and regulations of working hours are made by keeping in mind the time of school.

In New York, garment industry hired children. They made this effort to compete with low wage countries in imports. Minors are not allowed for any kind of hazardous works. Jobs including toxic emission, explosives, and harmful substances are included in the category of hazardous job. 14 to 15 year old employees have a limited number of occupations, which they can adopt. Although different efforts are made to eliminate child labor, still it is causing problem in some countries. Child labour laws and facts are continuously being revised, just to eradicate it completely. Work which is done at home also includes the assistance of child labor.


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