Alternative energy sources

Alternative energy sources

Alternative energy is the power which comes from different sources. It includes those sources which do not run out, don’t pollute our environment and do not leave any harmful material in result, which is dangerous for human health and environment. It also includes some fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, oil etc.  All these sources which are friendly for the environment and human health and provide benefit by producing energy are considered Alternative energy sources.

The word alternative is used show a contrast of energy, which is environment friendly against those types of energy which are not environmental friendly and give benefits by polluting the environment. It includes the examples like natural gas, oil power and coal power. Renewable energy, green energy and clean energy are other names of alternative energy.

The sun, which is around us for hundreds and thousands of years, is one of amazing alternative energy sources, providing light and heat to the whole world. It is the most cost effective solution of providing energy. It will become one of the most important and common source of energy in the future. Many scientists are striving continuously to find out various ways of using solar energy in more efficient manners.

Alternative energy sourcesThe other Alternative energy source is wind energy. It has been used for many years. Hundred of year ago many farms used this energy to pump underground water up to the containers. They used this water for various domestic purposes. Now it is used to run large blades. The movement of these blades helps turn the generator and movement of the generator change into electricity. This electricity is used for storing batteries and for many other ways.

One of the famous energy sources from Alternative energy sources is water energy. It has also been used for many years. Did you see water wheel in any old painting ever? Flowing of water turned this wheel in a stream and a large milestone was connected to the large wheel, which finally helped to crushed grains. Now it is also used to produce electricity.


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