A sad story of Malaysian airlines missed Flight MH370

A sad story of Malaysian airlines missed Flight MH370

Malaysian airlines missed Flight MH370A message sent by airlines to the families that it is “beyond reasonable doubt” that plane has crashed and there is no survivor.

Almost one week ago, Malaysia Airlines flightMH370 became invisible from the radar suddenly from the Vietnam’s coast of the China Sea. There were almost 239 people on the flight and mostly Chinese. At that time it was considered that they all have become a victim of disaster. Almost nine countries put their efforts to find out any single sign of that missing plane and almost 34 planes and 40 ships were used for this purpose.

It is 21 century and man has developed awesome technology. But they were all useless for finding a plane containing 239 people. For me it’s beyond the power of imagination because not even a single country becomes able to find that plane and we were putting our whole attention towards last signature of radar regarding plane. We can find a Smartphone on the earth, which is a few meter down, but we were unable to find a missing plane for many days.

From Kuala Lampur, the flight MH370 took off to Beijing and was cruising at thirty five thousand feet and disappeared suddenly. There were no bad sign regarding climate and was no misery call, but we are unable to find its reason. The last position of plane via radar was in the China Sea. That point was the main area for research. According to one theory, just after the last sign of radar, plane aircraft turned back means it could be away many miles from the path of Malacca. When there was absence of another sign from the radar, it was considered that the plane was trapped by terrorists.

The most heart touching thing is that nobody knows that what the incident has happened with the 230 souls. We have no knowledge of that aircraft except last reading of radar. We can make no idea regarding the saying of the first officer and captain in cockpit, which we were unable to listen. What they wanted to say and what was happening on that time? Why they were unable to send us a message at that time? We can make no clue that what actually happened with the plane, either it was hit by a bad weather or hijacked. It will remain a big mystery, until solved out by FDR.


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