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The top 3 reasons why people flock to Miami to buy furniture

The top 3 reasons why people flock to Miami to buy furniture

Aside from being famous for its amazing art deco architecture, would you believe that people also travel to Miami to buy furniture? The art deco district here is surely a remarkable one, as it influences a lot of Miami furniture.

Miami to buy furniture

Miami’s interior design and decorating style is mostly south beach inspired. This means fresh, airy, wide, and vibrant. It makes use of white as primary color, enriched with textures found in different materials such as wood, stone, fibers, and even leather. If you’re curious about why Miami is a hot destination for people looking for great furniture, here are the top 3 reasons why:

  1. It’s the best place to get beach inspired furniture

Because Miami is famous for its beach lifestyle, it’s no wonder you should go there to scout for things that would reflect your South Beach inspired home. Miami interiors can be dramatic, with saturated colors all over, dashed with pops of white to tone things down.

They also feature tons of architectural pieces that are bright and playful, perfect for the bright and sunny weather of the city. Tropical elements are also abundant in Miami interiors. Walls would be plastered with patterns of lush leaves, making the room instantly rife with greenery. Plants and leafy patterns are all over this place, which is heaven for anyone looking to setup a beach inspired home.

  1. It doesn’t repress artistic expression

Even though Miami is known for its vibrant beach lifestyle, that’s not to say they only showcase similar themes everywhere. Miami is very accepting of different styles and cultures, and would happily encourage its people to explore different artistic forms. Reason why there’s variety everywhere you look in this lovely city.

When it comes to furniture, it’s not all lush greenery, pops of white, and art deco in this place. Miami furniture stores also cater to other design styles and you’ll be surprised at how it could be your one stop shop to all things furniture. While you’re in the area, you can go check out other styles as well. Try minimalist and contemporary pieces. Or even industrial or mid-century modern. You can mix and match and even get help from the knowledgeable people from the furniture stores.

  1. You get to do a lot of things aside from furniture shopping

Aside from the obvious, which is going to the beach, there are tons of other attractions in Miami that would keep you entertained while you take a break from furniture shopping. Try riding the entire Metromover to get a great view of the city from above. And if the coach stops for no reason, which happens once in a while, then you just ticked off an item on your Miami bucket list — walking on the Mover tracks.

ICA, or the Institute of Contemporary Art is also another interesting place to visit. It’s free to enter and you get to see an impressive collection of various art styles ranging from avant-garde, experimental, and sometimes bordering on bizzare. Truly, Miami is a great place not just to accomplish your furniture shopping but also to relax, unwind, and explore.


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