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Go Loco for Condo: Effective Home Improvement Tips for Your Condo

Go Loco for Condo: Effective Home Improvement Tips for Your Condo

There are times when you’d feel that you need a particular change in your life, such as moving out of your house. Change of job or lifestyle might prompt you to leave your old home behind and look for something new. Maybe you need to move on from something, or you’re searching for a smaller space which is perfect for a working person like you.

If you’re in search of a cozy yet comfortable home, a condominium is a solution to your dilemma. People worldwide are making the switch. In 2011, 12.1% of Canadian households lived in condominiums. While 17% of the US population in 2013 lived in condos or apartments.

If you’re one of those who considers purchasing a condominium, you might want to check it out before you buy a unit. When you’re there, plan for the things which you want to change around the area. If you’re a first-time condo owner, you might need help in renovating or improving some of the rooms. Read on to get tips for condo renovation done right.

Home Improvement Tips

Check the Rules

Before you do anything, you need to check if there are specific laws or regulations which you have to know about before you start renovating. In Canada, Ontario has the Protecting Condominium Owners Act which includes comprehensive information in a condo guide about the rights of condo owners, as well as the responsibilities.

Condo developers should provide a copy of this guide to buyers within the ten days that are given to clients when they have to decide if they’ll go ahead with the purchase or not. It also lets condo owners be more open to board members about their concerns. So if you want to change to your condo, you can ask the board if this is possible.

Re-decorate your Living Room

If the board gives you the go-signal, then it’s time to start changing things. For your living room, you can try applying a focal wall. A wall with a different design from the other walls will function as an accent part of the entire space. You can also use painted-on patterns and textures for your wall.

Don’t use dark colors for your living area because it will add a dark ambiance to your condo. If you prefer using dark colors, then add light to your room by investing in large windows. Natural light is beneficial for any place, and it will make the area look good.

You can also add a carpet for added comfort. If you don’t have the time for carpet maintenance, you can invest in hardwood floors instead. You can go with a light or dark color, depending on your choice of wall paint color.

For furniture, don’t buy a large couch or chair because this will lessen the space in your room and you can’t put anything else in it. Consider multifunctional pieces of furniture so you can have more space. Add a coffee table to add an elegant touch to the room.

Refresh the bathroom

If you’re the person who likes to spend a lot of time inside the comfort room, you might want to add some changes to it. Condo bathrooms are usually small and simple, so you have to be creative to maximize the available space.

Repaint the walls if you want. Choose a color which relaxes you. You can also go for tiles for a clean and sterile look. Tiles will also work for your floor. You can use a dark color for this to contrast the light shade of the walls. If you’re not a fan of tiles, wood is an unusual but good choice for your bathroom.

If you’re concerned about the moisture damaging the wood, add a layer of varnish to it and minimize water contact on your floors. If you’re not confident in using real wood, faux wood design can also work by using the laminate floor.

If you have space to spare, you can add a bathtub to your bathroom. You can replace other fixtures like the sink and shower head with better-looking pieces. Keep your things organized inside the restroom to avoid clutter and to keep your bathroom always clean.

Spice up the Kitchen

The kitchen is considered by some as the essential room in any house, aside from the bathroom. Most buyers also consider this room as a major selling point. To change your kitchen, add countertops. Use a countertop material which goes well with your wall paint, but make sure that it’s functional and not easily damaged.

Use floor material that goes well with your wall color. Most people go with wood for a natural look. Tiles can also work well for your kitchen floor. You can also add rugs for added comfort if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.


Owning a condo is a life-changing experience which you should experience. It’s not hard to look for one. Depending on where you currently live, online sites like www.precondo.ca can help you find an affordable and beautiful condo which is perfect for you. When you have your condo, you’re free to change it as long as you follow the rules and regulations.

When done right, condo improvements and renovations can do wonders for your home.  Hence, don’t be afraid to play around with colors and furniture for your condo and surprise yourself with the results.


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