The UAE’s New Health Concierge Service

The UAE’s New Health Concierge Service

Dubai–The Health Concierge (THC) is helping UAE residents achieve their personal health goals with a convenient and affordable new personalized approach. Incorporated in Dubai Healthcare City in 2017, THC aims to be Dubai’s premiere affordable health advisory concierge service. Led by a team of health professionals, they offer a variety of services which include day-to-day health coaching solutions and lifestyle guidelines that are designed to be sustainable, extremely affordable and easily incorporated into a client’s lifestyle routine.


Ever wondered if that one slice of cake will ruin your diet or if something in your lifestyle is preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep? With THC’s personalized health concierge service, clients can now have access to their very own dedicated health coach who will support them day-to-day in their personal health requirements and ensure they meet their goals.

 New Health Concierge Service

Depending on their individual needs, clients who sign up are assigned their own personal nutritionist, dietician or personal trainer to serve as their own ‘’personal health concierge’’. After a preliminary consultation, the Concierge and customer than work on fortnightly habits that should be incorporated into the client’s everyday life. The client then has access to their health coach on a daily basis who communicates with them via Whatsapp (or alternate preferred means) to ensure that their goals are maintained, offering support and professional advice throughout the process.

“We decided to launch this venture because we realized that being healthy need not be so complicated or so expensive. A typical cost of meeting an experienced nutritionist is AED400/consultation and most people fall off the program quite quickly as the diet is too extreme or different to their usual lifestyle. We work with clients to make changes and improvements continuously so it is sustainable and all for only AED700/month.” Said Ankit Ruia Co-Founder of The Health Concierge.

“The method is very simple and very effective. Our experienced coaches assess and help address the root causes holding our clients back from reaching their goals. The programs are very effective and we have helped people with weight loss, reverse diabetes and reduce high blood pressure. Said ” Dr Rekha, Program Manager at THC

The service has quickly picked up traction with clients whom simply do not have the time to visit a health facility on a regular basis for the sake of follow-ups and routine inquiries. THC’s daily communication model also serves as a viable option for those seeking a more direct form of communication with their nutritionist, personal trainer and or health professional when seeking advice.

‘’Our programs are effective because the coaches are there to support the customers make small changes and improvements. Most importantly, they interact with their assigned clients at a minimum of four times each day, which makes the customer accountable and more determined to achieve their goals’’.

Carl Harris, Age 36, a Dubai based Recruitment consultant who employed THC’s service said this about the concierge model.

“The Health Concierge was a great service. It is like having a doctor and coach on call 24/7 and they helped me make progress and set achievable goals to help me lose 6kgs in 8 weeks. They were friendly and supportive but also knowledgeable and focused on making me get results. In the end it was all very easy and effective to use”.

To learn about THC’s personalized health concierge services you can visit them at or contact them at +97152 6253332 for more information.


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