Symptoms of angina pain

Symptoms of angina pain

Angina is a chest pain and it the feeling of tightness and discomfort. When heart receives less oxygenated blood, then a person feels this pain. Angina pain is not any disease; instead it is the symptom of disease named as coronary artery, which is a common heart problem.

Symptoms of angina painCoronary arteries become narrower because of plaque buildup. Therefore the blood that moves to the heart has less oxygen. Pain and risk of heart attack can increase due to narrow arteries and sometimes it cause death. Stable angina occurs, when our heart work harder. A person feels its pain again and again, but it lasts for 4-5 minutes. This pain can spread to arms, back and to other areas. Unstable angina occurs during at rest. You may feel its pain while slipping. Its pain may last for almost thirty minutes. In this problem, chances of heart attack increase.

You can become aware of this problem by knowing the symptoms of angina pain:

  • The discomfort and pain is the major symptoms of angina. You can feel burning, pressure, tightness, squeezing in chest. The start of pain is just behind of breastbone.
  • Its pain can also occur from shoulder, arm, jaw, neck, throat and back. Its pain is just like indigestion. The patients of angina say that its pain is difficult to explain or it is hard to tell what the start of this pain is.
  • Other symptoms of angina are Shortness of breath, light headedness, fatigue, nausea, sweating and weakness.
  • Women usually feel pain in neck, throat, abdomen, jaw and back. Older people and patients of diabetes feel the breath shortness. Dizziness, confusion and weakness are common symptoms of angina in elders.
  • Symptoms very with conditions and various angina types. Angina has much causes and symptoms. You must consult with a doctor, if you are feeling chest pain. If you feel chest pain for more than some minutes and you are not feeling well with the medicines of angina, then it can be the symptom of heart attack.


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