Symptom of prostate cancer

Symptom of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one type of cancer that occurs in prostate. Prostate is the gland found in the reproductive system of men. The term cancer is a condition when cells become uncontrollable and the ability of growth and death of cells become lost.

Symptom of prostate cancerGrowth of prostate cancer becomes slowly and this cancer cells have longer life than other normal cells and form a number of cells which are called tumors. Primary tumor occurs in original location and when it spread to various other locations then it becomes secondary tumor. Not every cancer shows any symptom. Tumor can start from outer prostate gland part. It is a slow growing cancer, means it takes many years to emerge and become detectable and also takes a long time to spread in other parts.

Symptom of prostate cancer

Symptom of prostate cancer

  • Initially prostate occur with no symptom and sign, but in later stages you can feel pain and problem. Its signs do not become visible during early stages. Its symptoms become clear in advance stages.
  • These symptoms include trouble in urinating, decreased force during urination stream.
  • Sometimes you can feel blood in urine.
  • You can feel burning sensation during ejaculation or urination.
  • Blood in semen is also a common symptom in its advance stages.
  • You can feel pain in lower back, thighs or hips.
  • Bone pain and discomfort in pelvic area is also a major symptom of prostate cancer.
  • You may rush towards toilet for urination or feel urine often than usual; it can happen more at night.
  • You may feel the need of urination just after going to toilet.
  • You may feel difficulty in stopping or starting of urination.
  • During g laughing and coughing, you may also feel leaking of urine.
  • You may face burning sensation in urine. Bleeding and pain are the rare symptoms of prostate cancer. They are also the symptom of non cancerous condition of prostate.


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