Donating blood is greatest idea to serve human kind. Your blood donation can save many lives of needy people. Your blood is always recycled every 3 months, so you will give blood it is not any loss of your body activities.

HOW TO DONATE BLOODBefore donating blood you must pass these tests

  • Hepatitis

Then you have to find blood group by clinical test. After blood group clarify you are ready to donate blood

  • You must Drink extra water and any other drink to replace the volume of your donation.
  • Show staff you best visible and thick vein where from blood easily be drawn.
  • You must wear flexible dress to easily raised from elbow.

You can find out your trusted Blood collection Centre ( Blood Bank ) which only provide blood free of cost to needy people without any cost.

If you are living in big city than you can can find out blood bank website where you can fill up registration form, then Recipient, relatives or blood collection authorities will contact you.


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