Glucose tolerance test during Pregnancy

Glucose tolerance test during Pregnancy

During the period of gestation, every woman should remember that the future baby is integral with the mother. So, from its internal and external state directly depends on the development of the fetus and child health. Therefore, it is important to promptly contact a specialist, even if nothing does bother and do not have any symptoms of possible deviations health. Routine inspection and specimen collection – the best way to identify and prevent the development of disease, which at this stage still can be invisible and not dangerous, but shortly it is likely will be the cause of more severe deviations.

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One of the critical studies for pregnant women is a test of glucose tolerance. In other words – the identification of the level of sensitivity.

What research on glucose tolerance?

In recent years, the traditional list of mandatory tests during pregnancy is added to more and more research. It would seem that what is healthy women undergo any additional tests? After all, before pregnancy were not any violations in the body. It turns out – there’s why. Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, the body works for two; that is experiencing increased load on all systems of internal organs. As a result of shock therapy may fail: irrelevant before the disease manifested with a vengeance, the other – there are seemingly out of the blue. Treat them need not only for themselves but also for the sake of the baby. To force the body is not left to struggle with the pathology, and the modern phased development of the fetus, it is necessary to detect the problem as early as possible. And the best – long before it becomes a problem.

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The test we test for glucose tolerance spine is essentially no different from a routine blood test for sugar. The only difference is that in pregnant women results to differ materially from usual performance standards. Insulin is responsible for monitoring the level of glucose in the blood plasma during pregnancy increases. So, all women during gestation are at risk for the occurrence of diabetes. In medicine, it is called gestational and not considered dangerous. As usual, after the birth, all parameters return to normal. But without the lack of medical supervision during the nine-month period, there is the risk of harm to the fetus. And in some cases, gestational diabetes can go into overt diabetes, and postpartum. To avoid such complications and to identify problems at an early stage, it is a test for glucose tolerance. In fact, an analysis of diabetes in a passive form.

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Particularly attentive to this study should be taken to patients, are at risk. Namely:

  • Those who have gestational diabetes was diagnosed earlier;
  • Who has a problem with being overweight or have previously given birth to a child weighing more than 4.5 kg;
  • Who in the analysis of urine sugar found;
  • Who in the family recorded foci of diabetes;
  • Who blood sugar levels at the statement on the account was on the borderline level.

All these factors are not in any way guarantee the existence of a problem but do not exclude her absence. Therefore, patients at risk, doctors recommend mandatory to pass the test in the designated period.


When the glucose-pass test

 Of course, to be tested at any time, but it will bring maximum benefits only after 18 weeks in women who fall into the risk group, and after 24 – for all others. The analysis is done in the first trimester because the fetus is still slight to significantly increase the load on the pancreas. And if future mom did not have diabetes before pregnancy, even in the early stages it appears. The glucose tolerance first test is done twice – the results should be monitored over time. This is particularly the case risk. When the 18-week data are not outside the norm, the study was repeated at week 24. For reassurance, you can do the test again in the third trimester, but no later than 32 weeks. Upon detection of gestational diabetes reanalysis appointed about a month and a half after the birth.

How is the research on glucose tolerance?

In the test for glucose levels is not unusual for pregnant women. Furthermore, it is carried out in four stages. The first step is performed by collecting blood from a vein on an empty stomach. If the figures exceed the border rate, doctors take the patient under strict control. In the case of valid indicators of research continues. An hour before the second blood sampling woman drinks a glucose solution. If successful performance glucose is administered two hours before the test, and then – three. If in all cases, the level does not reach the upper limit of normal, then put the test successfully – gestational diabetes in pregnant at this stage is not.

To analysis the results were as accurate as possible; the woman should be prepared for delivery:

Limit the use of food for 10-14 hours, clean water (no tea and juice) can be drunk in unlimited quantities

  • a day or two is recommended to limit the reception of any medicines, including vitamins, as drug therapy can significantly distort the results of the study
  • eliminate smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages per day (or better – to exclude them, in principle, for all nine months)
  • There is within three days is necessary to abandon the diet and eat a healthy amount of curbs a day, at the same time better to limit fat and junk food.

Normal glucose tolerance test performance

Evaluation testing for glucose performed in pregnancy as well as in the case with the usual analysis of plasma sugar. There are certain standards beyond which indicates there is a problem. In the case of pregnant already four of these indicators, it is connected with the specifics of the analysis itself. Thus, the study results should not be greater than:

  • 5.1 mmol / L – blood samples without the use of glucose, fasting
  • 10 mmol / l – hour after glucose consumption
  • 8.6 mmol / l – two hours after the consumption of glucose
  • 7.8 mmol / l – three hours after glucose consumption

Detection of any excess of the norm – it’s not a reason to sound the alarm, but a reason to worry. Certain factors contribute to false-positive detection of the outcome, so if two or more cases or test showed the excess of the threshold rate, the second survey in a few days. If similar results can be discussed on the glucose tolerance. The decision to accept the diagnosis of the doctor.

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Limitations and contraindications glucose-test

In some cases, research on glucose tolerance errors can be associated with the patient’s health. For example, at low levels of potassium or magnesium, as well as the expressed disorders of the endocrine system with a high degree of probability the test results are false. Since glucose drinks sugary sweet, it does not give women with severe toxicity to avoid the appearance of gag reflex.

Also, there are definite contraindications to study glucose tolerance:

  • the acute form of pancreatitis
  • peptic ulcers
  • any inflammatory processes
  • “Acute abdomen.”
  • dumping
  • bed rest (designated medically)
  • Crohn’s disease

In all other cases, glucose comprising the second test is harmless for the mother and unborn baby. Eat glucose portion is not capable of causing harm to the body, even the hidden forms of diabetes. But the rejection of the study could cost future mom unreasonably expensive. And the main thing to remember: even if the glucose level based on the results will be higher than the existing standards, that is no reason to panic. Subject to the advice of doctors and under their close supervision has all the chances of having a healthy, active, cheerful kid!


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