Allergies in Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Allergies in Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a woman, but at the same time, it is full of responsibilities. Over the nine months pregnancy, expectant mothers face many issues and problems, which at varying degrees, can overshadow her life and spoil the mood considerably.

Allergies in Pregnancy One such problem is having an allergy. Often it happens before pregnancy, when most women are uncertain about how to deal with allergies, betting on the fact that they are not inclined to it. But because of the hormonal changes that occur in the body with the emergence of a new life inside of you and that of which you have never experienced before pregnancy can quickly catch you with its onset. In this article, we will analyze in detail about the allergies that you might suffer from during pregnancy and how to cope with it.

Causes of Allergies

The cause of allergies is a non-standard response of immunity of our body. The body of a pregnant woman works completely different. That is why it’s hard to say what kind of external stimulus can cause allergies – you can feel not the best way of pineapple. Besides your pregnant girlfriend can start reacting to the cat sharply, even if she has been living under the same roof with them for 15 years.

Allergies in Pregnancy

Allergic reactions are not entirely dependent on age – their manifestations are possible in young women and women of middle age. However, if this is your first pregnancy, and are in your mid-thirties, it is more likely that you will encounter such a problem, things like allergies during pregnancy increases significantly.

The first “acquaintance” with allergies can occur at very early stages, even in the first trimester. These manifestations may be a typical reaction to the fruit. Over the time, the body gets used to the new circumstances, and demonstrations of toxicity in themselves disappear.

Because your body becomes hypersensitive during pregnancy, it is crucial to take responsibility for issues of nutrition and the environment. Particular attention should be paid to their health before pregnancy if you have already faced the problem of allergies. Otherwise, it may worsen the situation. So if you have allergies, even at the stage of planning, we would suggest you contact a qualified specialist. They will tell what you need to ensure that these nine months have been the most comfortable for you.


The body itself begins to actively produce cortisol – a hormone that helps to cope with allergies. Together with a qualified approach to this issue, all the difficulties can be easily overcome.

Allergy Symptoms

Allergies in expectant mothers seen almost the same as in non-pregnant women. At first, it may appear swollen mucous membranes of the throat and nose. Intense sneezing and tearing are the main symptoms of allergic reactions. A cough and rashes are also quite common an allergic symptom.

Allergies in Pregnancy

The severity of the disease can be classified into two groups, depending on the associated symptoms. The natural form is characterized by a runny nose, conjunctivitis, and local hives. A common characteristic for severe hives, angioedema and anaphylaxis.

The most dangerous symptom is an anaphylactic shock for mother and child health. The most important thing to help in time, otherwise the outcome can be quite sad – until death. But fortunately, such cases are extremely rare.

You must also be aware of such symptoms as swelling angioneurotic – when the mucous membranes, skin and subcutaneous tissue swelling. Increased swelling, disorders of the gastrointestinal the track could also be the result of the appearance of angioneurotic edema.

Important! If you notice the symptoms you think are similar to allergies, not to waste time and go to a consultation with a specialist. Timely and accurately chosen therapy can relieve you of much more severe problems you may encounter with the delay.

 Can allergies hurt the fetus?

The vast majority of women during pregnancy (especially if it is their first pregnancy) is always experiencing this fear. Will not allergies harm any change in their state of health of the child’s development?  Regarding allergy, you need not worry that much. The child from allergens reliably protects the placenta. Quite another question – treatments. It’s clear that persistent symptoms of allergy are deprived of the usual life of colors, so it is better to treat promptly. Before pregnancy you could afford to go to the drugstore and buy one or another drug just talking with the seller, after the pregnancy it is clearly better to forget. Any treatment you should appoint only with a qualified second doctor with a leading gynecologist. Other options get little consideration in this stage because your child’s health is the priority. Remember that the effects of self-treatment can be highly undesirable – up to malformations of the nervous system and disturbance of blood flow between mother and child.

How to diagnose an allergy

According to the experts, most of the adult population of the world prone to allergy. For this reason, when you visit the antenatal clinic, most likely, you will be accompanied by your doctor with questions about the manifestations of allergic reactions of your propensity to allergies, etc. It is not necessary to strain in this regard; please tell the doctor everything you feel, so that he could competently approach to solving the problem if any. When symptoms indicate the presence of a serious issue, most likely, you will be redirected to the allergist.

To determine the origins of your allergy doctors conduct clinical research by taking samples for allergens.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is practically impossible to cure allergies. One can only temporarily alleviate or remove the symptoms to avoid complications. But to ensure against recurrence cannot no medicine.

If allergies are skin rashes that cause itching and discomfort, they turn into open sores and increase the risk of infection – when the woman begins to comb them.

Allergies in Pregnancy

An interesting fact is that allergies often becomes hereditary – if Mom, Dad, and baby are allergic, then the child is likely to be prone to allergic reactions. Allergies in children can be for products that are poorly tolerated by the mother during pregnancy.

 What may cause allergies?

When you are pregnant, your body begins life as a clean slate, actively trying to adapt to new circumstances. In order not to hurt your body more and manifestations of allergy, care must be taken not only for food but also for the lifestyle you lead. Let’s try to understand what can provoke allergic reactions in pregnant women.

  • Primarily, this food. Even the fact that you seemed quite harmless before, now can lead to a string of problems. Do not forget that there are products that can evoke allergic reactions in almost any person, let alone a sensitive body of the future mother. Among these foods, the top place is chocolate, strawberry, citrus, seafood and exotic fruits. Of course, most of us have heard about the unique tastes of women in the state, but it is necessary to account for everything that runs in your mouth right now. And before you send back the beloved wife of Feuillet, consider how stable solution is such a rush. Better not experiment with hypoallergenic and give preference to fruit, such as bananas.
  • The second, which may cause allergic reactions in future moms is pets. And absolutely any – like feathers from a parrot, and the wool of dogs can cause allergies. If you very much want to have a home Fluffy, prefer Yorkshire terrier, their wool does not cause allergies.

Allergies in Pregnancy

Unfortunately, if you do not live in snowy Swiss mountains, do not breathe the alpine air and do not drink the milk from the cow, you are not safe from allergic reactions to the environment. Factories, chemical fumes, chemical additives – all the time. If you avoid this does not work, try at least to give preference to the maximum around the natural and frequently visit the open air.

Preventive measures

  • The cause of allergies may also be medications that you are taking. So if you find yourself in the symptoms of allergy drugs that you appointed doctor immediately discontinue treatment and immediately contact a physician. To say that the self-treatment during pregnancy is possible, I think, not worth it.

Preventive measures

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure later. The same is true in a case of allergies. Despite the fact that the treatment for allergies completely is just impossible, it is possible to warn her naturally.

Try to give up all bad habits, if you still have not done yet. Especially smoking has detrimental effect on pregnancy. And passive smoking brings no less harm than active. Therefore, strictly forbid your family members to smoke in the apartment, or near you, try to avoid cigarette smoke on the street.

Dust – a major allergen, so deal with it should be fully prepared. Try to keep everything neat and clean around you. Take help from someone to do this for you. Because hygiene is the key to healthy life.

Avoid contact with animals. All dogs and cats are very friendly, but it is better to confine beautiful photos and videos to social networks, rather than sneezing and coughing from a new furry friend. Be careful with the bees. Though Bee stings the human body more or less frequently, the same bite can be quite unpredictable when you are pregnant.

Avoid untested detergents, new personal care products, and perfumes. It can also be a source of allergies. It is also strongly recommended to give preference to non-allergenic pillows and duvets.

Not experiment with food is another important point, about which we wrote earlier. Eliminate all of the products with dyes and chemical additives from your menu, though it might be your favorite for simple and our frequent meals. Eat more cheese, bananas; add to it – and your body will thank you for this well-being. This same is applicable for drinks. Some juices can cause allergies as fruit from which they are made.

Do not be afraid and do not hesitate ask questions. Feel free to contact your doctor whenever you need it. Excessive anxiety during pregnancy is no longer redundant. Talk to your mom about how she passed her pregnancy, find out whether your parents are prone to allergies and if so, how they coped with it. In no case think of self-medicate; it can cause irreparable harm to your health and your baby’s health!

Most importantly do not cheat yourself, because excessive worry and stress can also lead to poor health.

Important to know: allergy can manifest itself immediately, but after a certain time. So if you do decide to use to eat some exotic product or spread new face cream – is better to celebrate this day in the calendars, make it easier to identify the source of allergy. As a rule, after the elimination of the allergen, symptoms disappear on their own. That is why the primary task of your doctor and you remain competent allergen identification and timely removal.

Good luck and under no circumstances let anything overshadow your pregnancy!


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